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  1. My all time favorite as well. The only thing I was halfway good at in basketball was rebounding. One of the best compliments I have ever received came when I was playing at a basketball camp. I made a rebound, and Wes pointed at me from the sideline and said "Excellent positioning, son".
  2. I have lost track of the details. Do they still have to get local approval for using/ working in the stadiums? I assume there are contingencies if a region like NYC goes on full lockdown again. Has the MLBPA agreed to those?
  3. Just keep chucking talent into the firebox and hope that coaching, video, personality tests, wearable tech, organizational philosophy, and the mysteries of the universe squirt out some rare nuggets at a reasonable pace.
  4. I think because if they only employed the ten or so folks that made meaningful and actual improvements every ten years or so, the economy would be even more screwy than it already is. I have used tech continuously for the past 35 years and can count on one hand the things that have actually improved over that time.
  5. They are clear on what to do with your chickens: https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/22/health/salmonella-outbreak-chicks-ducklings-kiss-trnd/index.html
  6. It’s the new reality. Do you play a game, sing in the church choir, attend a lecture, do tequila slammers in Cabo now that all that marginally adds to your risk of death (more than it already did) and also contributes to increasing the likelihood that your grandma and friend with chronic asthma might die? Or more pertinently, that some anonymous stranger might die?
  7. A friend of mine was at a diner in his youth when a random old guy stopped at his table and said: “boy, are you not gonna eat that fat??!!!” He called for the kitchen to give him a couple of pieces of bread and the guy took the fat off his plate to, as the codger said “make me a fat sandwich!!”
  8. I used to walk 4 miles a day on my daily commute. Now I walk to get snacks. I have no will power.
  9. A guy did that to me in a touch football game in elementary school. To my credit, I popped up and was eyeball to eyeball with him when he was talking smack. I had no idea where I was... (perhaps still don’t).
  10. I always thought that incident was hilarious. If the extent of Albert Belle being an [insert non safe word] were things like that, he would be irascible but perhaps likable. Unfortunately, they weren’t all like that.
  11. A completely different context. But I was at UCLA when the 1994 Northridge earthquake hit. I basically was more or less homeless and lived at school. A couple weeks after the quake at about 3 AM, a team of "painters" showed up on the floor of our lab, armed with razor blades, and proceeded to make deep scratches on the walls. I thought this was odd. Then a couple days later during the daytime, dudes dressed in suits and armed with clipboards showed up to take notes. Then a few weeks after that the same "painters" showed up to spackle in the cuts they had previously made, repaint, and move in some fancy new furniture. I grew up a lot that winter.
  12. MLB pioneered the gig economy. They don’t get enough credit for innovative thinking.
  13. If a chunk of people cant be bothered to wear a mask when they go to the grocery store, I am dubious that they are voluntarily going to submit to get tested. Particularly if they have to pay for it.
  14. When I was in Japan a few years ago, I off handedly said that I was feeling kind of tired. My friend’s wife looked at me askance. When I saw her later in the day she had gone to the store and bought me an assortment of masks. She apologized because they were out of the super fancy kind with the menthol smoother insert. For the next month I wore a mask everywhere, mostly because when I didn’t my friend’s wife looked at me like I was a barbarian.
  15. I had a body type that reminded folks of Pee-wee Herman, but I bucked the odds and developed into a Priceline era William Shatner.
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