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  1. Let’s face it, so many of our prospects are unproven guys. We just don’t know. If the top ranked guys are unproven at all or haven’t reached the upper levels of the minors. The lost year makes lists like these difficult to really gauge. Take a guy like Baumann. He took a huge leap in 2019. There easily could have been players who would have done the same thing this year. These lists are always largely guesses based on relatively limited info. This year the guessing is even more pronounced. I think it also depends on your criteria on these lists. For example, I think if all you did was judge upside, you could likely argue Mayo is a top 7 guy. However, I don’t think you can do these lists based solely on upside.
  2. I did too BUT I will say that there are going to be guys outside of the top 20 that would have been top 12 in this organization not that long ago. Good depth. Rom is a very intriguing guy to me. Definitely someone I wish we had seen pitch this year.
  3. A real wildcard in the system. Some had the thought that if he had a full year, he could have gone much higher in the draft. Seems like he is a true CFer, which we don’t really have (at least combining that with hitting). Could move fast if he hits.
  4. Interesting. If there was nothing off the field, I agree it’s puzzling as to why Elias wouldn’t have him there. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Lowther has seemingly exceeded expectations so far. Maybe he will just be one of those under the radar guys that continue to surprise people. I like having him as depth right now and that he has held his own as he has moved up the chain. If he keeps doing that, Elias won’t be able to ignore him.
  5. Right, that’s what I thought but couldn’t find anything to confirm that after a quick search. That leads me to think he was dealing with something off the field prior to that but who knows.
  6. But we don’t know why he wasn’t at that camp, right? Maybe he had an injury or was exposed to covid or something like that. I agree it’s puzzling but I also don’t know that it means the team doesn’t like him.
  7. I think he will be fine...if he stays healthy and gets consistent at bats. Thats a real problem if you are a young developing player. If you keep missing games all the time and can’t get consistent time, it stunts your development. He needs that. If he is able to do it, I think he’s fine and is a starting COer for us. But if he can’t, he will be a 4th OFer type guy(at best), like Tony is suggesting.
  8. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/bevy-of-shortstops-wont-immediately-bump-henderson-from-position.html
  9. The Rays haven’t overachieved at all. They were tied for 3rd in run differential and they won 96 games last year. Going into the season, I felt they would win the division and would be one of the best teams in the AL and most people felt the same way. I think their pitching is better than LA overall BUT I do question their bats. I think the Dodgers win in 6 games but if WS Kershaw shows up, the Dodgers could be in trouble.
  10. First of all, it has to suck to be a fan of Atlanta sports. The choking they do is incredible. I wish the Braves had won, especially for Nick but I’m good with either of these teams winning. I will be rooting for Tampa though.
  11. I totally disagree that Mountcastle looked awful out there. Berroa was an awful OFer and he is who we should measure against if we are using the word awful. Mountcastle looked like a GGer compared to him.
  12. Ok..but again, this has nothing to do with your post.
  13. None of this has anything to do with what you initially said. You made it seem like their WAR wasn’t a big deal because it’s a low number. But without the context of games played, that’s just a false statement. No one is saying they would have all been 3-4 WAR guys but they showed that ability in the sample size of 2020.
  14. I don’t know what long term is supposed to mean though. When Cle moved to Jacobs Field, they had one of the best attendances in the league for several years. Once that allure has worn off, it is up to the organization to keep it going. Not to mention, you can’t control outside factors that could cause people not to attend games in person..like where do people spend their entertainment dollars and things like that. I think Tampa draws 5-8k more fans a year if they were in a better spot. Personally, I think they should be relocated and I think MLB did them not favors by putting them where they did.
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