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  1. There is definitely something to be said to waiting a year. If he has a healthy 2021, I would say he will be a 2-3 WAR player. That should make him more valuable than he is now and that certainly could be part of the thinking. My only issue with that is his injury history. I’m willing to gamble that we can get 75-80 cents on the dollar now (compared to what a healthy 2021 could bring us) vs waiting.
  2. Brantley stays in Houston
  3. Why are we even talking about his OPS in 38 games in 2020.
  4. If you get really good value for Scott, by all means move him but iM not in a hurry to move him at all.
  5. Baseball reference’s WAR is much friendlier to Santander. Fangraphs has him at 1.6 the last 2 years.
  6. Mountcastle is the most likely. You act and talk like it’s a fact and you were surprised that he was going to be the LFer to start the year. I don’t see how. The writing has been on the wall for a year. What happens long term has as much to do with everyone else as it does Mountcastle. I think you are going to be upset about Santander. You should start bracing yourself now.
  7. Not that hard to do if the organization is developing players at a good rate.
  8. It could be Mountcastle...it could be Kjerstad. It could be Nevin..it could be a MI that isn’t cutting it there, so they move them. It could be someone who isn’t in the organization right now. Lots of possibilities.
  9. The best argument for the extra year for Baumann is his value in a trade. I don’t need a player to be in AAA. That means nothing to me. If you feel they need more time for things, that’s fine but at his age, I think he’s ready.
  10. For me, I have very little interest in keeping basically any player beyond age 30, at least with a long term, expensive contract. I would want to control as many years possible leading up to age 30. Baumann would be right there, so no need to game the system for him.
  11. He has been worth 1.2 wAR FOR HIS CAREER!! A 1-2 WAR player is a middling at best player to me..now, I’m saying that looking at him as a starting player. I think he’s a middling everyday guy. Which btw, is a far better designation than he has had for his entire career thus far.
  12. Yes I know what he has been so far in his career. These are facts, not opinions. You want to project him out but don’t want to project out other things (again referencing CoC post). I don’t get why you are ok projecting one and not the other.
  13. Right..plus, him starting the year in the majors doesn’t mean he is here all year. If he struggles, he gets sent down and you can potentially get the year back anyway. So, you either end up gaining the extra year anyway or he shows he belongs. You win either way.
  14. In other words, Santander will get expensive soon, ie when we hope to be contenders. Why spend 8-12M on a middling at best player when the money can be spent better elsewhere. That should ALWAYS be the mindset for every team. It’s just good business.
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