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  1. I would like to see the question asked (or, something "from sources") that explains why they don't want to try him as a starter.
  2. I think he starts at Aberdeen as well but that's a poor move. He has no business being in A ball at his age if he is as advanced as they have let us to believe. He's going to go to Aberdeen and struggle to hit for power and have a good BA and OBP. He will basically be the same player we saw in Delmarva playing against similar competition (i.e., the guys he faced in low A will not be in high A). Just put him in Bowie and let him go. Keep him there for the first half of the season and see what happens next.
  3. I think they know right now that Baumann is likely to be a reliever but that they will try him as a starter. You are ignoring too many things though: 1) They cut back on Wells' innings. He was pitching multiple innings early on but they made him a 1 inning guy. That isn't really an indication that they are going to extend him the next year. 2) He hasn't pitched starter innings since 2018. That's a long time ago. 3) Baumann, coming off an elbow injury, was still kept as a starter and was Brought up to the majors to start. They didn't put him in the pen. They didn't re
  4. I don’t disagree but I also think it’s been obvious for a while what they were going to do with him and that being a starter isnt the way they are going with him.
  5. They should have taken Lawlar..although I say that and don’t know what the medicals were on him. It’s hard for me to believe that the labrum wasn’t a known issue and maybe the physicals were questioning his long term prognosis as a hitter, especially Power, with the injury. If so, I can see going away from him.
  6. They may think he can handle it but what he produces is less valuable than what he gives you out of the pen. They certainly may be right about that. Just because you are a starter doesn’t mean you are more valuable.
  7. Bullpens are extremely important and the long term bullpen is something they should start thinking about. So, I think it’s very important.
  8. Yea..I read it as a future COer with questionable power. May not be the best combo. That being said, Markakis seems like a good comp (without his arm) and you obviously would be happy with that. Two things used to always drive me crazy about Nick: 1). His Ba/OBP should have been higher. 2). To go along with #1, Markakis would always have at least one really prolonged slump at some point, usually in the first half of the year iirc, that hurt his numbers. I always felt he was too good of a hitter for that to be the case. He should have competed for batting titles
  9. Just seemed to have a little bit of a negative tone to it. Not that I disagree with what was said.
  10. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/10/orioles-confident-in-wells-as-closer.html?fbclid=IwAR0_Yf6cYf1ivCoKxe2JHA2o32Xq5VeLkDNrqvndNdoWRmVV2UOH8iloqe0 For those of you who kept saying he would be given a chance to start, this news may not be good for you.
  11. Honestly by the write up, I’m surprised he isn’t ranked a little lower. After reading this, I think it becomes even more obvious why Mayo is at 3.
  12. The Os don’t need a 40 man spot right now.
  13. I really have no idea where Kjerstad should be ranked. I’m guessing that the next 2 are Hall and Westburg. At that point, you have Stowers, Norby and Kjerstad, along with guys like Pinto, Baumann and Bradish. (Not to mention, a guy like Basillo) I would guess Kjerstad gets into the top 10.
  14. I’m going to stick with the idea that Hall was ranked lower than 5th last year and after being hurt, he didn’t play enough to jump up the list. I think Hall will be 6th. Im going Gunnar here. Quite frankly, a healthy Hall has a case to be #2 but we need to see it first.
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