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  1. I think this is a fair point to make but I also think that you can make judgements based on what you hear and research. For example, I didn’t like Martin (I would have been ok drafting him but he wasn’t my first choice) because of the issues some felt were there and those issues have shown to be true.
  2. You can say that about anything. If you have a strong opinion on something and want to voice it, there is nothing wrong with that. But you also have to be ready to take the criticism when you are wrong and people who opposed you have to be ready for the “I told you so”. Just the way it works.
  3. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/phillies-tug-at-heartstrings-with-freddy-galvis-return/
  4. http://fdalepteast.com/wordpress/what-is-a-stress-reaction/
  5. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/31920403/winners-losers-how-all-30-teams-fared-dust-settles-thrilling-mlb-trade-deadline WINNER, LOSER, WHO KNOWS? Baltimore Orioles The O's could maybe have gotten something for their veteran relievers, like Paul Fry, but they eventually have to start moving out of the talent-flipping phase. You can't trade everyone.
  6. I’m much more scared of Tampa. I actually think this deadline signals that Elias thinks contention is closer than it appears on the field.
  7. Definitely sucks. Reliever profile looking more and more likely.
  8. https://lmtribune.com/sports/former-lcsc-right-hander-fared-well-in-rookie-minor-league-season/article_a63a43b7-3423-5883-a3db-10c64e94b907.html
  9. Burch should go straight to AA. His ERA is 3.99 and he has given up 5 homers in 29 innings but everything is good. No reason to send him to A ball.
  10. Not sure he is the closer for the WS either.
  11. Yea and he wants to play with Lindor and that is the only way he would be ok with moving to second base.
  12. Looks like it. Maybe we will get lucky and get a much better prospect than we should for our guy(s).
  13. I dislike the move because it doesn't help you. Armstrong, a guy who has had a very good MiL career and showed glimpses up here (especially peripheral stats) doesn't block anyone from getting a chance. He represents someone who could potentially help you at this level and makes little to no money. He may suck for the rest of his career and never live up to what he has done in the minors but this is a nothing move. It accomplishes nothing. Even if the Orioles make a trade and send the money they got for him in the deal to help with the return, it still makes no sense because the mone
  14. Holy sh#*! What a terrible move by the WS.
  15. You said it will be a disappointment if he doesn't make any moves. That's where I have a disagreement.
  16. This isn't actually true. First of all, especially with the extra WC spot, its always a sellers market at the deadline because more teams think the have a chance. Secondly, there are more teams tanking. W hen there are more teams doing that, there are more options. If you can get 80% of Fry's performance for 50% of the price, you likely will do that.
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