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  1. Troy Glaus vs Markakis I would guess most fans, especially Os fans, would say Markakis was the better player. But Glaus’ WAR was 5 wins higher than Nick in roughly 600 less games. Markakis was healthier but Glaus was the bigger threat. If Mayo is a Troy Glaus type guy and he can be healthier than Glaus was, you are looking at a perennial 3.5-5 WAR guy with spikes in the 6-8 range very possibly. Cowser should be a consistent 2.5-4 WAR guy if he stays healthy and has to go to a corner spot.
  2. Most teams that win their postseason do so because they get hot at the right time. Rarely does the best team from the regular season always win, in any sport. If Atlanta wins, they will have earned it..just like the 85 win Cardinals earned the WS title years ago.
  3. You do know what he means there when he says “he’s ahead” right?
  4. The only 2 people here that, imo, have a chance to be #4 are Cowser and Henderson. I went with Cowser but I think it’s a toss up. If I were to say, which player would I rather have, I’m really not sure because of Henderson’s defense. Where does he end up? That’s my issue.
  5. This came down to one thing…do You want Mayo over everyone else? In other words, if Cowser was in another organization and someone offered you Cowser for Mayo, would you do it? Tony says no..I agree with him. Otoh, Mayo carries a higher risk profile and he could be outside the top 10 next year. But for right now, I like this decision and I think it’s the right one.
  6. The fear I have is Manfred. He is absolutely terrible and I fear that whatever he touches turns to dog poop.
  7. I always love it when people blame the players for these things.
  8. Tony had Hall 6th or 7th last year and I wouldn’t think a year where he had injuries and guys performed well would cause him to move up. Kjerstad won’t be there. Tony had Cowser #3 in his power rankings but if the thought is, who would you take in your organization, the answer is Mayo, going off what Tony had posted about him. I’m going with Mayo here and I honestly think he may be my choice anyway.
  9. It may push back some offseason things but I doubt it lasts too long. These things tend to always look doom and gloom at first.
  10. Yea, I do like the idea of “who do you want more” as a deciding factor.
  11. Yep..I think it’s a good thing too. This isn’t a case of ranking mediocre guys high because of the lack of depth/talent. This is having a lot of talented and skilled guys and just figuring out what you value. The question for these lists is always, how are you ranking them? Are you doing it by talent and upside? Doing it by production/age/level of the minors? I think a guy like Pinto, for example, is tough to rank. I think he’s the third best pitching prospect we have and Hall, who is ahead of him, certainly has his issues. OTOH, Pinto has only produced i
  12. Yep…I think the rest of the top 10 is tricky. There are a lot of ways these guys can go. No wrong answers imo, it’s just guessing what Tony goes with.
  13. Playoff baseball isn’t good baseball. I agree with that. It’s very compelling snd edge of your seat but takes too long, teams don’t trust their starters enough and the endless pitching changes can be exhausting. Otoh, I would rather be watching my team in it than not, that’s for sure. And no, the market sizes aren’t a problem for MLB.
  14. Grayson is a great prospect and if he was going 6+ innings on a semi regular or regular basis (and still putting up dominant numbers) this past year, I think he really would have a chance to be ahead of Adley. But I don’t think his case is nearly strong enough. Adley shouldn’t be ranked the #1 prospect in baseball imo but he is the #1 prospect on 29 teams, including the Os.
  15. As of how things stand right now, there is no good reason not to protect him. As additions occur and moves are made this offseason, that could change but there are plenty of guys you cut before him.
  16. This is why I hate all these “scandals”. MLB has always known about all this stuff. As long as it wasn’t public knowledge and they made money, they didn’t care. As soon as the story becomes National, they throw their hands up, act surprised and then “take action” while having zero accountability for themselves. F ‘em all.
  17. I want the Astros to win but will be good with any of them. Astros beating the Dodgers would be awesome.
  18. Yea, I tend to think something in the 9-12 range is realistic. The thing is, you would expect that most of that comes in the next 2 seasons, one of which we won’t be contenders and another one where it’s up in the air. In 2024, do you want to pay him good money to likely be playing a below average CF or a CO spot where he has no arm? I think the answer to that is no…thus why trading him now makes sense if teams are valuing him as I mentioned. If not, you hope for another good year in 2022 and trade him in July or after the season.
  19. Mullins has 4 years of service time left. He was worth 5.7 bWAR and 5.3 fWAR (whichever site you want to use) this year. He just turned 27. We have him through age 30. if I were to set his WAR at 14 for the next 4 years, are you taking the over or under?
  20. Right…if he has anything over 780, I think that’s a win for now. I do think his defense is average-ish, so he may need to be above 800 long term to really carry good value. I think it’s tough to move him but if someone is valuing him as a 3.5-4 WAR guy who has a lot of service time and cheap years left(thus increasing his value over a normal 3.5-4 WAR guy), I’d likely be inclined to trade him.
  21. I would bet on an OPS closer to 800 than 900.
  22. I’m not either but I would do it anyway. At some point, this team is going to need to start taking some chances and, as far as risks go, I think he is a safe one.
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