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  1. Like what? Jay can be a 30/100/830-850 guy just like Lee. Neither strikes out alot. I think the difference is in the walks and the consistency of Lee, as he is always healthy. However, if Jay were to stay healthy, i have no doubt in my mind that he puts up very similar stats to Lee.
  2. IMO, the only difference between Jay and Lee is health and about .010 points in OBP. Now obviously health is a big one BUT is a healthy Carlos Lee worth 10 million a year more than a healthy Jay Gibbons? No way in hell. That is why i say 4/36 for Lee. I know it won't land him because there are several stupid teams out there that will overpay for a guy who isn't all that great but looks great because he is a big name in a weak FA class.
  3. Agree with this post completely....What are your thoughts on Aramis Ramirez?
  4. I think we will have to offer at least 5/75 to get Lee. There is nothing available and those guys are both overrated. I misread your first question..I thought you were asking what Lee will get. I think Soriano could get more than 5/75
  5. I think he signs for at least 5/65.
  6. They better be prepared to 5/75, at least, to get him here.
  7. 4/50 will not come close to either and to value Lee over Soriano is a joke.
  8. YEa we know..Your friend said so. Sorry BB, it is not realistic to think he won't at least test free agency. If you were him, would you accept the 2/22.5 that is guaranteed to you or would you sign a 5/75 deal elsewhere?
  9. 850-900 OPS....350-370 OBP...30+ homers. We are going to have to overpay for someone to get this team a big bat. If you do it, you do it with the guy who has better odds of being the better player.
  10. Better defense than Mora and more production than any FA this year. Since he is younger, you likely get him at his best for longer. I will take my odds with that. Is 5/75 overpaying him? Yep. Is he worth that? Nope. Is any FA worth what they get? Nope. Is he the best option for the Orioles for what they need to accomplish? Yep.
  11. Add Nomar to your lists guys: I would give him a complicated contract like the one i outlined yesterday: 2/16-18....Every 50 plate appearances over 300 hundred he gets another 500K. Third year option for 10 million kicks in with 975 plate appearances combined in the first 2 years of the contract.
  12. OThers may want to pay more...I am trying to get an idea of what people at the hangout want to pay for these guys. That way, if they go for alot more than what people say, they can't b!tch about the FO. Must i spell everything out?
  13. Guys, i said how much would YOU pay. I didn't say that those offers would work but that is all i would offer them. Read the thread and answer accordingly. LOL
  14. ....for each of the top tier free agents(i will assume ARam at least tests the waters of FA and that Smoltz's option gets picked up..my answers in bold) Lee: 4/36 Soriano: 4/52 ARam: 5/75 Zito: 3/36 Schmidt: 4/50 Mulder: 2/18 Pettitte: 1/6 Huff: 2/14 This is the major FA's...If i am forgetting someone, go ahead and add them. Guys like Cat, Lidle, et al need not apply in this thread.
  15. I would look to see if we can get Farnsworth in a trade as well.
  16. As am I but i wouldn't blame the Orioles for this one. Rhodes isn't showing consistent bad trends, where the other guys they brought in did. So, the signs are not there of him falling on his face. Doesn't mean it can't happen of course but as long as his velocity is still there(which i would guess it is), he seems to be a low risk signing IMO.
  17. It would just be for one year(with an option). If he had big signs of declining, i would be worried about it but he really doesn't and he is not throwing a ton of innings either. I usually like younger players but you can have some older vets sprinkled in there. Plus, with all the youth we will hopefully have in the pen next year, a vet for them to lean on is a good thing, as long as the vet is effective and when he is signed is not showing signs of decline, which Rhodes is not. And remember, Rhodes said he wants to retire here. He wants to come back and be an Oriole.
  18. His walks are not great this year but generally speaking, he has always had very good control. He is pitching in the NL for the first time in his career this year so that could have something to do with it. I think he will be fine with the walks...Not looking at his hits as there can be alot of luck there. He is averaging 9.5 k's per 9 IP and has given up 1 homer all year. Those are the stats that matter, along with his walks. He has 2 out of the 3 you want and is usually a very good control pitcher, so i will take my chances with the walks that he can get them to his normal level and
  19. What is wrong with Rhodes? High K rate, hasn't given up a homer. His ERA isn't that pretty but if you look at his splits, it seems like he has not pitched well in the new Philly park, which is a great hitters park. As for Parrish, probably right on him. Heck, will they even offer him arbitration?
  20. They were solid guys Mackus but they were also guys with bad trends like declining K rate, HR rate or command rate.
  21. I have no problem signing and/or trading for guys, as my above post says. But you need to trade and sign the right type of guys and the Orioles haven't dont that.
  22. Sign Scott Williamson. Trade for Wuertz or Valverde. Sign Rhodes. Fill in with Hoey, Britton and Ray. 7th guy comes out of Rakers/Birkins/Abreu/non roster invitee/Parrish(if healthy...he would be the preference). Now that is a power BP.
  23. Are you telling me this is the equivalent to DBat and Affeldt? No chance. We could have probably had him for Birkins(he wasn't hurt yet) and Hawkins or Rlo.
  24. BB, open your eyes...There are alot of mediocre relievers being traded and we know that Hawkins is in demand right now.So, why nto pull the trigger? You know why...Because they want to win as many games as they can and they feel Hawkins helps them do that more than any other reliever we can replace him with and they are wrong. You seem to be defending these guys alot...Why?
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