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  1. Personally, I think the Ravens are fortunate with the local reporters they have. That being said, if we drew a parallel to the MASN guys, it would be the BaltimoreRavens.com guys and they are very optimistic and sometimes over the top.
  2. I wouldn't say no chance. I think its unlikely but wouldn't say no way. I think the key, which you essentially said here, is that he is in the picture to be on the team in OD of 2023 (or a few weeks later depending on service time rules).
  3. Well said..and even some of those pitchers, I think they can get 2 or 3 years from a good team. But your last line is the key here. If the point of the exercise is to “not waste those years”, then why are you settling for mediocrity? These exercises have been brought up. I think instead of saying, add X amount of dollars, it should be, the payroll can’t go above Y dollars. That gives you some opportunity for movement of players that could make good money this offseason, so now you have more flexibility to make larger moves.
  4. A guy like Charlie Morton isn’t signing here for 2/30. He can get that deal with good organizations and better parks to pitch in. The guys you are getting here on a 2 year deal are guys who can only get a 1 year deal elsewhere or a 2/20 type deal. In other words, you are getting a pretty mediocre guy. Now, I will admit that whoever that pitcher is, will likely be an upgrade over what we have. But still, they won’t move the needle and it would be spending for the sake of spending. If we added a really good starter (like say Stroman) and also added a pitcher like that, now we have s
  5. We don’t know. He has earned the 40 man spot imo. Nothing more than that.
  6. While I agree that the Os could do something like what is proposed, I just think it’s a bad idea that doesn’t really accomplish much. One of the first things said in this post is that you don’t want to waste any of the Adley/GRod years but then the rest of the post is essentially bringing back the same team while also adding in some mediocre at best FAs (because that’s what you are getting for the money discussed). I don’t really get this. If the idea is to not waste those years, why not add actual good players to make the team much better? Obviously, just like this year, for t
  7. These are vet guys at the end of the year. I do what they want. (With consultations from Doctors and the trainer of course)
  8. And he has been hurt the last 2-3 weeks. He appears to be a piece for the future. What role he will be is tbd but he’s a good find for Elias.
  9. It seems like most agree that Mullins value isn’t there yet. But what if we are wrong about that? What if you could get a few top 50 prospects and another player. Would you trade Mullins now?
  10. Meyer was my favorite pitcher in last years draft. Would be excited about that Marlins package but agree you would prefer the Cards one. But yea, I don’t feel these deals are viable yet. Maybe at the deadline or next offseason. Good first post though. Well thought out.
  11. I’m skeptical teams would pay this much this offseason. You are talking multiple top 50 prospects and a good young MLer at a low salary.
  12. Eric is good but is extremely optimistic about our prospects.
  13. Vlad was an Intl FA signed at a far younger age and not with the advanced tools at the time of coming into the system as Adley does. That is an apples to oranges comparison.
  14. Im ranking Hall the lowest...not because of ceiling but because of floor and risk factor. Love the kid as a pure prospect but I think the other 3 have big ceilings too and are far more likely to hit them, even if Hall is the one at the highest level and has done well at that higher level. I am just so impressed with what Mayo is doing and the immense power he has is really eye opening. What's really intriguing is that we can have this conversation and talk about Mayo's power and his power may be second or even third in the organization because of Adley and Kjerstad.
  15. I don't really disagree with you here but I would also say I have seen WC make that comment in several threads too. But since its a positive comment, the broken record nature of it tends to get overlooked. BTW, not trying to pick on him but since he was actually the one who changed the thread topic with his comment, I am just using that as an example. I mean, I think this criticism would be far more valid if CoC brought it up on his own. Instead, he was just responding to a comment that, in all fairness, is a bit over the top.
  16. The idea that people get upset with the MASN guys for not being critical has always been comical to me. They have great jobs, why would you lose that just to appease the fan base? Who I would hold accountable is the guys who write for the Sun and MLB.com. I want to see more out of them.
  17. Yea, I mean, its a discussion worth having and the unfortunate part of these discussions is that to elevate someone, its almost as if you are beating down the other. That's not the intention. Both are very good prospects and have huge ceilings. But this is a conversation we will be having (and others elsewhere) as you make your top 10 lists and stuff like that. Honestly, I think the better conversation is where do you rank the next 5-7 guys after our top 2. Like, just take them out of the conversation. Who is our #1 prospect? Is it Henderson or Mayo? Or is it Cowser? Or do y
  18. To be fair to CoC, Wildcard didn't stay on the subject of the thread either. If we are to treat this as a message board and one where people make comments off of other's posts, why can't CoC make a comment on that post? Could he ignore it? Sure he could. You can say that about every single thread on this site and any other message board though. If people just ignored comments, conversations wouldn't occur and this board (and every other board) would cease to exist. Once someone makes a comment, I think its fair game for anyone to respond to it and I don't think its fair to pick o
  19. Henderson has his OPS pushing 800 while playing in a big time pitchers park. He has struggled but he is ending well. Its very close. Gun to my head, I think I take Mayo over Henderson but its really close. If I were to look at it another way, I would deal Henderson before I would deal Mayo. Both are in our top 5.
  20. That's fine...As I said, Adley should have been up for the last 2 months and I think a case can be made that GROd should have been here as well. But they aren't and since they aren't, you get that extra year of service time because the current system allows it. Once you get to that point, they should be up.
  21. Right....Ryan McKenna can be a piece on a contender right now but thats not exactly what the point of this thread is.
  22. As has been shown, you are dead wrong on this. Don't get me wrong, Adley should have been here for the last 2 months but since they didn't do it, they would be morons if they didn't wait 3 weeks next year and get the extra year. Of course, if the CBA rules change and they can't "game the system" for that extra year, Adley obviously should be here on OD.
  23. He doesn’t, nor should he open the season with those guys because of service time, at least the main guys.(CBA pending of course) But Adley will be up shortly after the season starts. Grayson should be up by mid May-ish. We will see what other arms emerge as potential BP arms or starters. How does Baumann end the year? Does he look like a viable candidate? The only thing I think that is very fair to question is what the commitment level of ownership is coming off another abysmal season. Are they ready to ramp up the spending and bring in real MLers this offseason?
  24. Things can change rapidly in sports. How we look right now has zero bearing on how things could look a year or 2 from now. Many of these players won’t be here and if they are, it’s because they have turned themselves and their careers around.
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