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  1. And Franco had just been good in 2020. Yes it wasn’t a full season but he still, he was good. Odor hasn’t been that since 2018 and that is an outlier year over the last 6 years.
  2. Same thought process of the actual Rays signing Kluber.
  3. How good were those picks of Aiken and Appel that Elias had a hand in? Really, most of his early round pitching picks were poor in Houston. He did well with hitting .
  4. He makes it worse if they somehow make him a starter over what we currently have, especially if it’s Urias.
  5. Well, as we discussed the other day..as of a few years ago, the average facility cost between 5.5-7.5M. Say they spent 10 or even 12 million on this…that’s not much in the scheme of things, especially considering how much money the sport is bringing in. Certainly glad it got done but let’s not act like they are doing something unique.
  6. Serious money? How much do you think they spent on that facility?
  7. Well to be fair, Elias is going to sign more cheap, go nowhere players.
  8. For sure..definitely far more reason to be skeptical about ownership. But Elias has yet to prove that he is a good ML GM. The jury is still out on any player he has brought in. He hasn’t made any moves that upgrade the talent. That can be done without spending much money. There are always moves out there. He is obsessed with the idea of having the #1 ranked farm system. He can’t wait to bring it up. What I find amusing is how much weight he puts in that and yet the same sites that rank the top draft prospects, he laughs off and acts like they don’t know anything.
  9. Odor bats left handed. He can play second or third and spell some of these guys from time to time. He’s on the team. You know what he is. Sanchez didn’t make the team because his defense slipped enough that he was no longer useful. Odor is what he is..Average-ish fielder with good power. He’s left handed on a team full of RH IFers. He won’t get on base and he will struggle to hit 210 but the team knows that already. They don’t care. He represents a cheap option to get 250-400 at bats. They aren’t going to do more. They just don’t care. This just gives them someon
  10. Sure…except people will say we can’t trade player X! He’s got potential. Of course, one of us saying that doesn’t mean anything..it only matters what Elias thinks but until he does it, I’m skeptical of him as well.
  11. Btw, sarcasm aside, I do believe in the young talent this organization has. I look forward to these guys coming up. I just don’t think you can assume they all produce and everything turns out great. Hall has a potential reliever profile and can’t stay healthy. Most don’t believe Henderson can’t stay at SS (but maybe Westburg can?). We just don’t know. But even beyond that, this thread is more focused on the idea of the “we will spend next year crowd”. I’m asking what they would like to spend on? To me, this is a pretty crappy list of free agents.
  12. We do? Wow, that’s awesome. It’s so great that every prospect is going to work out. I mean, that happens all the time, so we should definitely be planning for that!
  13. 2 best FAs, if/when they opt out, are DeGrom And Boegarts. How high are you going for them? You giving DeGrom 40ish a year? Going 7-10 years for Xander? Of course, this assumes they even make it to free agency, which they may not. If not them, who?
  14. This is the mantra of many people on here and on social media. Ok, let’s go with that. Which of these FAs are you thinking the team would and should go after? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/08/2022-23-mlb-free-agents.html
  15. That’s part of the problem. Its likely nothing at best…so why do it? How about signing or trading for good players?
  16. Mateo should be the UTI guy and they should be adding real Players on the left side of the IF.
  17. How? Perhaps you should look at his stats and that answers your question. His age is meaningless if he sucks.
  18. Yea, it’s all of it. 1) He’s terrible 2). What’s the hurry? Again, you can sign replacement level IFers whenever you want. You found Urias in Mexico. Probably could go down there and find a better player than Odor. 3) Why give him a ML deal and a 40 man roster spot? 4) Why arent they striving to get better players?
  19. Is making outs also fun, because he is one of the best in the league at that.
  20. But he’s not replacing those guys. I don’t know why you keep mentioning that. He’s replacing Urias, Gutierrez or Mateo.
  21. Because Alfaro is too expensive. He is going to make around 3M.
  22. It’s official. 1 year deal for the league minimum. He goes on the 40 Man roster and immediately becomes one of the worst players on it! Awesome!
  23. Yea but it’s ok, it’s all Part of the process and in no way should they be questioned because Elias has a great track record of building successful ML teams.
  24. Except those guys aren’t on the team anymore and didn’t end the year with the team…so he doesn’t make the team better that will be on the field in 2022. BTw, it’s far from definite that he would be an improvement over those guys.
  25. What do they have to do with anything? Gutierrez is better and he sucks. Urias can’t play SS everyday.
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