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  1. The big questions are: 1. Is this the year we start to spend? 2. What positions do they feel the need to spend on and which ones do they feel we can get from within?
  2. I feel like we are going to have on pitching when we are competitive. We probably won't be able to pay a position player a huge contract
  3. I agree. It is time to start to put a competitive product on the MLB field. Too many fans will be gone if this goes on much longer. Even if we lose, make it an enjoyable experience.
  4. I still like that Gausman guy
  5. What is Robert Andino doing these days? 😁
  6. Sorry that this got derailed into what the job of the media is. Perhaps I should have rephrased is as "Questions you WANT answered"
  7. So he can have the payroll for what he wants to do. No one knows what he wants to do. If he wants to trade vets and acquire young talent, then obviously the payroll is there. Asking how much it will expectedly increase tells us how active they intend to be in the FA market
  8. Being realistic, what are some questions that you feel NEEDS to be asked of Elias this offseason. I know he will give a non-answer but at least they need to be asked. I'll start with one: How much do you expect your payroll to increase over the offseason?
  9. Well...I meant if we hope to compete again.
  10. Elias hasn't been drafting pitchers, so we gotta buy them at some point
  11. I agree. Time to start competing and bring the fans back.
  12. You think Means gets traded? And forgive me but who is Mano at 2b?
  13. As we begin the offseason for the O's, what are your realistic expectations for what Elias and co. will do? What would you do if you were in their shoes? Let's build this team!!
  14. I wanna bring Gausman home (and maybe Bundy too, although this year wasn't good for him)
  15. It's always about the pitching. Always.
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