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  1. Well. I am eating better. It appears that my pain has lessened.
  2. I’m really glad I met you at that hangout night.
  3. There are many folks here that I have not had the pleasure of meeting but I’ve loved getting to know you from the board
  4. I love being there but I can’t spend too much time typing

  5. Yes. A small bit better. A bit less pain.
  6. It gets lonely in the middle of the night when the sleep runs out
  7. Speak out to me here and I will respond.
  8. I want to tell everyone who’s reached out to me either here or privately how much it means to me to be acknowledged as their friend.
  9. Yes I’m actually doing a bit better which is kind of strange so maybe those thoughts are reaching someone thanks.
  10. Good to hear I am Still thought of.
  11. Chuck is handling things. Very well. Thanks.
  12. It’s not like you’re hard to get along with. We had chatted on here quite a bit and been from the left coast where my wife is from we have a lot of things to discuss I look forward to catching up sometime again and thanks for posting in this thread
  13. I am reading each one of your wonderful comments. Thanks.
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