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  1. No one is "in a hurry" with Hall. He was drafted in 2017. He's 23. This will be his 5th full year after being drafted. He's been dominant every step of the way. He's not a finished product by any means, especially with the high BB rate, but that can be improved upon at the MLB level as well as at the MiLB level. If healthy, there's no reason he shouldn't start 2022 in AAA and be up shortly after Rodriguez. Unless the Orioles are going for the #1 pick again next year.
  2. Disclaimer, I didn't see pitch that supposedly screwed the Red Sox. That being said - yes, as a whole that's a terrible night, but based on the charts above it looks like that pitch was a borderline strike at best. I mean it's not like it was a blatant and obvious strike.
  3. I'm not "counting" on DL Hall, or Grayson Rodriguez for that matter. Have seen too many busts on the pitching side. But I anticipate that DL Hall will be a very good MLB starting pitcher, possibly a dominant one.
  4. He should 100% be starting in AAA, ready to make the jump around the same time as Grayson. I don't think this is what Elias will do based on past history, but hopefully I'm wrong.
  5. So basically all of our top prospects other than Rutschman and Rodriguez
  6. I think every year there's a lot of speculation as to who it will be and most years there's like 1-2 interesting guys and then a lot of filler.
  7. If they sign as FAs they're still exposed to Rule 5? I didn't think they were, but based on the comments above sounds like that's not correct.
  8. I'm not wildcard, but yeah, I would be. I can't imagine he has very much trade value.
  9. I have zero recollection of Brandon Waddell. EDIT - Just saw that Moose beat me to that one.
  10. Wow, floor of a #2 for Rodriguez. That's pretty high praise. Let's hope he stays healthy.
  11. Well of the guys Frobby listed only Ellsbury was picked after Snyder.
  12. To be honest I feel like every year we say Norfolk should be really stacked and every year Norfolk isn't very good.
  13. Well that won't be possible, we didn't pick 1st this year or last year.
  14. I like to think that the walk totals went up as the year progressed because pitchers recognized how dangerous the bat was. That pitch he turned on in the inner half last night was impressive. Super quick bat for a guy his size.
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