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  1. Tanner Scott at 1 mil is a no brainer. Mancini would be a non-tender candidate if not for off the field factors. I can see them going either way on Severino. I agree with the OP on the others.
  2. I'm plugging him in at 2B next year. He's a solid stop gap until Vavra/Norby is ready and I also like his versatility. We may need him to play more third next year.
  3. If they instituted something like this, I would think they would give organizations more than one offseason to get to that number. It would hurt the lower market teams competitively to be forced to increase their payroll by 30 million in a single offseason. You'll end up seeing a lot of overpaid mid-tier/lower-tier free agents get signed to bad contracts like you see in the NBA after the better players turn down our confederate money. Who is the Ian Mahinme and Andrew Nicholson of this FA class?
  4. I wouldn't say we NEED a back up catcher or closer. Those are relatively low on the list of priorities. I think you try to develop as many high leverage relievers as you can, and one of them will eventually slot in as the closer if you aren't going with a committee. That's not something a team in our position should be spending big money on. Wynns is fine as the backup IMO or Severino if he is tendered a contract. I would target two SP, a shortstop and a third baseman. I'm not against spending a little money, but I would bet on more dumpster diving. Things could be different i
  5. I'm just wondering what the thought process was. Seems like in general, they wanted to keep their top prospects off the roster.
  6. So one real prospect, a couple fringe guys, and a couple org guys. This makes me curious why they decided to include Stowers with this group.
  7. I would bet on the same thing. I'm not even calling for big FA spending but I'd be happy with one or two competent starters on 1-2 year deals and upgrades at SS and 3B. A few 2/20 type deals won't be breaking the bank or potentially blocking prospects. It's time to gravitate towards winning again.
  8. There are not a lot of signs that point to flukish season for me. He’s been remarkably consistent. That quick, compact stroke will age well and his stroke zone judgment has been excellent. I don’t see either of those things regressing any time soon. I’d like to see him do it for another season but if you want to extend him, this off-season is the window. Another season like this and there is no way he wouldn’t test free agency.
  9. Westburg just started to hit his last few weeks at Bowie. He will begin 2022 there but could be promoted quickly. I would expect another full year in the minors with an early 2023 ETA for him if he continues on his current trajectory.
  10. Good list. All pretty reasonable, but I like Watson in Triple A as well. Robert Neustrom could break with the big league club with a good spring as a fourth OF/DH/platoon lefty. He'll be 25 when the season starts. The DJ Stewart experiment needs to end.
  11. ChuckS

    Drew Rom 2021

    Any chance he starts 22 in Norfolk?
  12. It kills me too for about 30 seconds. But then relief washes over me, as I realize this is what is going to net us the first overall pick next year.
  13. Nice play. But more on the routine spectrum than great. Still good to see.
  14. It becomes less alarming when you see that it is over 102 plate appearances. A 25 percent k rate is about average these days.
  15. The probability of any 2021 draftees going to to the AFL is close to zero.
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