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  1. Freddy Galvis is still out there. If he has a good first half next year,we can flip him at the deadline.
  2. What is that stain on Wells' jersey? it was there the last start he had too!
  3. Why does a Chris Holt visit seem like it always results in disaster?
  4. My brother told me not to talk to him if I had anything negative to say about the Orioles.Man,I miss my brother.
  5. Orioles third baseman Maikel Franco is still dead.
  6. There was a time all of this was laughable.But it's way beyond that now.
  7. Oh well.10 minutes with the lead.I guess we were getting spoiled.
  8. Chris Holt has really done a nice job with this pitching staff.
  9. How about a Maikel Franco bobble hand promotion?
  10. Man,cinis guys play,not getting Wynns,constantly being put in Abad situation,has me realize this has all been part of Diplan.
  11. We've still got the beginning of Apirl/middle of August Orioles however.
  12. Losing Games Because Talent's Questionable.
  13. Another 2 pitch at bat by Adam.
  14. As long as we get a solid 60 minutes out of him.
  15. Here.But I'm playing hooky if it's the Jays and Royals.
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