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  1. A microcosm of the last 12 years.
  2. On the road facing a no name pitcher who is also a lefty.
  3. And Wieters leads off next inning again. Oh, at least there's no pressure.
  4. Almost June, everyday player get his 4th rbi of the Year!! When Weiters gets here it'll be multiplication by subtraction, or something like that.
  5. Toronto will run in this series. Book it.
  6. Anyone notice how Trembley was kind of smiling and never looked at Eaton as he was taking him out of the Game?
  7. The pain from this strain goes mainly on the plane.
  8. Wow, let's just hope the Nationals are the pill we need to swallow or things will REALLY get ugly. That is shaping up as a big series for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Lou with yet another opposite field fly out.Seems he's had alot of those lately.
  10. This team has self inflicted killer instincts... at least on Sundays.
  11. Did Buck just say Olsen was traded for Hill?
  12. Major props to whoever came up with the nickname Adam "Bazooka" Jones!!!
  13. Can't wait to see Hill . And here's hoping Palmer's back for the MFY series.
  14. Yeah.He also said this is a well balanced offense from top to bottom.
  15. I say make him pitch the whole game then release him.
  16. Eaton has given up more runs on that pitch than Greinke has given up all year.
  17. I am impressed with how fast Reimold gets down the line.
  18. Reimold to lead off yet another inning.
  19. I'm lefthanded and indeed I am crushed everytime he's up with men on.
  20. Was wiffinton within even 6 inches of hitting the ball in that at bat?
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