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  1. Try this. Just go to the home page and download some of the players.http://www.myp2p.eu/index.php?part=sports
  2. But we must understand, Hendrickson and Sexson are players with high ceilings....sorry.
  3. Understood.But we need someone to back Wieters up.It's just everything seems to move so slowly with us when we have so much to get done.
  4. I like AM, and all, but I am beginning to think he is not a risk taker nor aggressive enough to compete in this division. What is "the plan going forward"? We are minus a catcher and starter (not a bad thing mind you) and signed a stopgap SS. There is a whole lot to do!Please Andy, tell us the plan!
  5. I am upset on so many levels.I don't see the silver lining many here do.Why am I going to put my faith in the farm system when there seems to be a big problem in scouting and player development.Sure, Wieters and Matusz were good picks, but both were college guys.There is a big problem when our pitchers are brought up, they either can't throw strikes or they come up with arm problems.Positon prospects? After Wieters, who is there? It's been 11 years of crud.Truthfully, the only bright spots were the Bedard trade and the development of Roberts and Markakis. 11 years!!! I am a lifelong Oriole
  6. Anyone else find it rather odd that the last 3 appearances by the Phillies have been against A.L. East teams not named the Yankees or Red Sox?
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