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  1. Seems like whenever the Giants sign a former O, he does well in SF.
  2. So, league average wOBA last year was .315. I’ve taken the lineup from the OP and added the Steamer projected wOBA for each player. 1. Mullins CF L .331 2. Hays LF R .326 3. AR C S .339 4. Mountcastle 1B R .337 5. Mancini DH R .336 6. Santander RF S .323 7. Urias 2B R .317 8. Odor 3B L .299 9. Mateo SS R .283 That doesn’t look too bad at all. The problem of course is that these 9 players won’t get all the at bats. But at least when our regular lineup is on the field, we really onl
  3. I would have thought so, but your post suggested that you felt OBP was a better measure than OPS.
  4. There is a Maryland basketball forum elsewhere on this website. It’s worth discussing but really should be posted there.
  5. Overall, OPS is a better measure of offense than OBP by itself. It just isn’t as good as it could be because it puts too much weight on the SLG component.
  6. Well, I’m sure Mancini is being tested regularly and is well aware of the risk of recurrence. I’d say a recurrence this soon is not very likely, but of course I’m no doctor and don’t know any of the specifics about Mancini. Praying for the best.
  7. I’ll worry about wOBA then, which balances OBP vs. power more accurately than OPS does. The market isn’t dumb. It knows the value of the different aspects of offense.
  8. I agree with this. I do think improvement is pretty likely. Probably not enough to get to average, but we can hope for that.
  9. I just went through this yesterday. The number of runs we scored per homer was very low. That’s because we don’t put enough guys on base. It’s that simple.
  10. There’s a lot of variance in how that lineup could do. I think it could be anywhere from slightly above average to well below average. Midpoint at slightly below average. Santander bouncing back would be huge.
  11. Yes. A very successful one.
  12. Cruz had some steroid issues floating around that caused people to wonder if he’d be able to repeat his performance without being on the juice (or being caught on the juice). His big year in Baltimore answered that. Anyway, like I said, I’m talking about what Mancini would accept to sign an extension now, not what the market might offer him next winter. There’s really not much point to him doing an extension if it isn’t going to cover three years. Maybe he’d take a little less than $30 mm. But it’s academic because the O’s won’t offer an extension.
  13. I was more commenting on what he’d accept from the O’s now, not what he might get on the open market after this season. Maybe he’d take less, considering that he’ll only make $7-8 mm in arbitration. I don’t think it matters whether he’s RH or LH. He’s an everyday player who hits both RHP and LHP well.
  14. Interestingly, Bradish has had more AAA innings (86.2) than Kremer (81.2) and Baumann (27.0), though he’s only played two seasons of professional baseball. I don’t know that any of the three need more seasoning. But, they need to be pitching well this spring and not get a job handed to them. If not, back to AAA until they do pitch well for a good period.
  15. Definitely yes. Unlikely but possible. Probably. Not very high. No. 3/$30 mm, without incentives. They’ve already decided. Players will be ready by the time he’s traded or the year ends. Then he’ll be too expensive. Next?
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