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  1. You are correct. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/09/these-three-on-os-farm-looked-to-improve-even-without-games.html I guess he is talking about Fall Instructs.
  2. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/09/find-a-way-farm-pitchers-get-their-work-in-even-without-games.html
  3. Solid article for anyone who didn’t know too much about our system. But nothing really new here for those of us who follow it closely.
  4. I went Zimmermann/Servideo. I think Zim did enough this year to jump past McKenna. Bannon and Stauffer didn’t do anything to jump McKenna, who outranked them last year. And I’m not that high on the newcomer Nevin.
  5. Count me as somewhat pessimistic that they will play a full season next year. If owners can’t fill the stands without restriction, they will have incentive to make the season as short as they can while still earning TV playoff money. I don’t think a vaccine will have been widely distributed by April, though hopefully at least a substantial portion of the most vulnerable population will have had one. And regardless of who is President, the numbers won’t turn around overnight. They are getting worse right now and my gut instinct is that they’ll continue to get worse over the next few months, particularly with families wanting to be together over the holidays.
  6. Just as an observation here, last year’s OH rankings included 17 players rated at 45 or higher FV, and 19 players rated at 50 or higher ceiling. This year we are at no. 24 and every player has at least 45 FV and 50 ceiling. That’s despite Hays, Mountcastle and Harvey coming off the list. So yes, the depth of guys who seem like they could be decent major league pieces is expanding significantly. I think Tony said there was a drop off after 25 or so, so I guess we’ll see some players with a 40 FV or 45 ceiling within the next few players on the list. (I note that Stowers was only given a 40 FV last year, but 45 this year. I’m not sure if that’s based on how Stowers looked this spring, or just Tony feeling more generous.)
  7. I do not read this headline as saying Rutschman is the no. 1 prospect in MLB. It’s saying he’s no. 1 on the Orioles. As to our system being “pitching rich,” of the Orioles’ top 10, 5 are pitchers; of our top 20, 10 are pitchers. So it’s a 50/50 system and if you look around baseball, that’s the norm. I’d say our system has slightly above average hitting and pitching right now, and it’s a slightly above average system. I’d say we might have a little more depth once you get beyond the top 10 pitchers in the system than most teams, but we’re not overflowing with top-end pitching talent.
  8. I think of his change up about like you do. I said he didn’t throw it much. Here’s Palmer’s own description of his repertoire: “I was a fastball pitcher with three other pitches: a slider, a curveball, and a changeup. I had a four-seamer and a two-seamer… four seams early on. I didn’t turn my two-seamer over, but it had a little different look, so it was a pitch I could use. If you throw enough four-seamers away to lefties, it is a pitch you can throw where the ball has a little different movement to get them to maybe roll over, especially when they’re trying to hook a ball in the hole with a runner on first base. But I was primarily… even when I was throwing 90-whatever, upper 90s or upper 80s, I was still pretty much the same pitcher.” https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/8883/prospectus-qa-jim-palmer/ One other thing I have to say about Palmer: he had the most fluid, beautiful, mesmerizing pitching motion I ever saw. It seemed so effortless even with a really high leg kick. The ball seemed to just flow from his motion.
  9. I don’t think the Yaz/Arrieta analogy is very apt. Arrieta was a highly regarded 5th round pick who got a large signing bonus, was Carolina League pitcher of the year, was in the BA top 100 a couple of times and progressed reasonably quickly to the majors without a ton of MiL hiccups. His talent was obvious for all to see, and the puzzle was why wasn’t it translating to major league success. Yaz on the other hand was a 14th round pick senior sign who never really excelled in higher levels of the minors. It was frustrating when Arrieta succeeded so quickly with the Cubs because it really seemed like we should have been able to unlock his talent. Yaz’s success, on the other hand, seemed to come out of nowhere. I found that more astounding than frustrating. It’s a shame Elias’s staff didn’t see that in Yaz in the very short time they had to look at him, but I don’t see it as a big failure, whereas I do see our failure to unlock Arrieta’s abilities as a big failure.
  10. To me, Hanser Alberto was a relatively successful pickup. 3.4 rWAR in what amounts to 1.4 seasons, compared to Núñez’s 2.2 rWAR in 1.8 seasons. Yeah Nunez has the better bat but Alberto’s overall package is better IMO since he has some defensive value. For that matter, Alberto’s 3.4 rWAR the last two seasons is more than Santander’s 2.9, though I’d certainly say the trend favors Santander being the better player over the next several years. I’m looking forward to seeing if Santander can sustain the progress he’s shown the last two years.
  11. Apparently you are not the only one who thought so. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/historically-speaking-game-4-was-absolutely-bananas/
  12. Palmer was a four pitch guy with terrific command. Could throw any pitch in any count. His delivery was very over the top and his CB a pretty pure 12/6. Nice slider that broke both down and away. To my recollection he didn’t throw his change much, but he had it in his arsenal.
  13. The next four guys who appeared on last year’s list are (in order they appeared) Stowers, McKenna, Zimmerman and Bannon. I don’t see any reason for Bannon to have jumped the other three, so eliminate that choice. If Tony stuck with last year’s order, this has to be Servideo-Stowers or Stowers-Smith. But Zimmermann did reach the majors, so he could have jumped Stowers and McKenna. So, Smith-Zimmermann or Zimmermann-Nevin are live possibilities. It’s kind of guesswork here, but I think Smith will show up here and that Zimmermann didn’t do quite enough to jump Stowers. So, I’ll go Stowers-Smith. My second choice would be Smith-Zimmermann.
  14. In light of the fact that several posters (including Tony) hadn’t seen that MLB had rebutted the original article, it’s probably worthwhile to leave this thread here.
  15. I am really interested to see what this guy does. Matt Blood really hyped him up in his interview about the alternate camp site, mentioning him as right up there with Rodriguez, Hall and Baumann. If that proves correct, then he’s going to move way up in the rankings next year. But I can’t blame Tony for taking Blood’s comments with a grain of salt, either. Definitely a player to watch in 2021.
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