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  1. 3 hours ago, OFFNY said:



    In my rat's ass of an opinion, this is the size of the loophole that would need to open up in order for the 2020 Orioles to qualify for the postseason ......



    Moses Crossing The Red Sea GIF - Moses CrossingTheRedSea - Discover & Share  GIFs



    I’m old enough to remember that this scene was once considered state of the art special effects.    My kids thought it was hilarious, along with the scene where Moses’ staff turns into a snake.   

  2. 1 hour ago, interloper said:

    Bullpen gonna be good! 

    Can we talk about Lakins for a minute? There hasn't been a single thread dedicated to this guy since we claimed him but he's got a 3.52 ERA over 46 career innings with the O's. Solid middle reliever. 

    His WHIP is worrisome.  Also, he has allowed 10 of 17 inherited runners to score, which is awful.   I’ll say this, a lot of his inherited runners came in very tough situations — twice he entered a game with the bases loaded and nobody out.    It would be miraculous if none of those runners had scored.    But all six of them did score, and that ain’t good.  

  3. 1 hour ago, Philip said:

    I like the name Nathaniel very much, and I like Samuel a lot as well, very nice biblical names. But if I named my son Nathaniel, I would call him Nathaniel every day. What a great name! I also had a student named Samuel and he was always Samuel and now as a professional adult he is still Samuel. I don’t think he would even recognize the name “Sam”.

    I regularly Went to church with a fellow musician named Jonathan, and he was always Jonathan. I haven’t seen him in 30 years, but even so I couldn’t imagine ever calling him anything with Jonathan.

    I’m a fan of biblical names — my three kids are Rebecca, Samuel and Benjamin.   We use the shorter version of the two boys’ names.   We use our daughter’s full name but her husband and some friends call her Becca.    My brother Jonathan was Jono as a young boy and Jon thereafter.   

  4. 4 hours ago, wildcard said:

    One of the other factors is that the O's have a lot of cheap pitchers. Here are 20 pitchers that will be making close to  the minimum:

     Kremer,  Akin, Lopez, Fulmer, Stewart, Zimmerman, Baumann,  Lowther,  Harvey,  Scott, Tate, Fry, Lakins,  Valdez, Pop, Eshelman, Mattson, Phillips, Kline, and Sulser.

    Well, you can cross Fulmer off the list.    Waived and claimed by the Pirates.   

  5. 5 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

    Moves are being made to clear 40-man roster space. Carroll got through, Fulmer did not.

    At 37 players on 40-man roster now.

    As bad as Fulmer looked to me in his first outing, I thought he looked terrific in his second.    I’m a little surprised Elias let him go.   

  6. 2 hours ago, Philip said:

    I was almost named Andrew, but my parents decided against it because they didn’t like “Andy”

    Apparently, they had no issues with “Phil,” which I loathe.

    My parents named me Charles, but then started calling me Rick (which is a short version of Eric, my middle name).  I’ve been called Rick all my life, so I’ve had to explain that approximately one trillion times to people I’ve met.   I used to tell my parents I was going to name my kid Richard but call him Chuck.     But of course I didn’t actually go through with that.   

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  7. 41 minutes ago, wildcard said:

    One of the other factors is that the O's have a lot of cheap pitchers. Here are 20 pitchers that will be making close to  the minimum:

     Kremer,  Akin, Lopez, Fulmer, Stewart, Zimmerman, Baumann,  Lowther,  Harvey,  Scott, Tate, Fry, Lakins,  Valdez, Pop, Eshelman, Mattson, Phillips, Kline, and Sulser.

    And with the roster going to 26 players they will probably only carry 13 pitchers most of the season.

    Why should they pay more for Armstrong when he will be out of options, 30 years old and is coming off an injured back?

    It’s a very fair question, and maybe they won’t seek to retain Armstrong.   As to your list:

    Akin, Kremer and Lopez are probably penciled into the rotation so not relevant.   

    Baumann, Lowther, Pop and Mattson haven’t pitched in the majors and only Mattson has even limited AAA experience.    I would not expect any of them to be on the OD roster next year.   They certainly might make the majors at some point during the season.

    That leaves 13 guys vying for 8 spots.  Those come down to an argument about who is better than who and who fills what role.  I don’t have time to think too hard about that right now, but it’s worth considering.    I’d certainly say that Harvey, Scott, Tate and maybe Valdez are guys I’d expect to fill four slots, so that leaves 9 guys for the other four.   


  8. 2 hours ago, wildcard said:

    Will they offer Armstrong arbitration?


    1 hour ago, Sports Guy said:

    They won’t have to.  In other words, they can probably get him to sign a very cheap deal if they want to keep him, which they should.

    I would guess he signs for around 1M, give or take.


    54 minutes ago, wildcard said:

    I think the O's offer 600K.

    This season Bleier and Castro were both arbitration eligible for the first time.    Bleier got $915 k, Castro got $1.05 mm.   My guess is Armstrong would get in that ballpark.    But with the short season and changed economics, it’s really anyone’s guess what this winter’s market will look like.   It’s certainly possible that guys like Armstrong will get less than they historically would.    

  9. 28 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    I think I heard Big Ben say that the Os starters had allowed 1 run or less in 10 of the last 17 games.  As you pointed out, there have been other games where they only allowed 2 or 3 runs as well.

    It really boils down to one thing, for the most part.  The IF stinks.  The Os hurt flat out need more IF talent.

    Elias has been working pretty hard on that, if you look at all the shortstops he’s drafted, or signed or traded for in the Dominican.  

  10. 2 minutes ago, Philip said:

    Thank you for the information. Small sample size, sure, but it still does reinforce that he’s meh at best. 
    They gave Wojo what a year and a half? And he’s not actually gone yet. I don’t see any need to keep Phillips.

    I was surprised to learn that Phillips has 9 consecutive scoreless outings.   I’ve never been too impressed with him.  

  11. 1 hour ago, Philip said:

    How many Inherited runs did he allow? I don’t know, but reliever era is deceptive. He has a high K rate and a very high BB rate. His FIP is low, which is in his favor, but nah.

    He will be here till someone better comes along. Wojo got a long leash, maybe Phillips will too, but I don’t think it will be long. 

    He has allowed 3 of 5 inherited runners to score, all during garbage time.  2 of those were in the same outing, when we already were down 5 runs; the other came when we were down 3 runs.  3 of 5 isn’t good, but it’s a pretty minuscule sample size.    Major league average is 30% this year.  O’s are at 31%.    

  12. 30 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    Yea, I'm pretty sure those are the ones that Elias categorically stated he wouldn't trade.

    Not as if I expected him to keep his word.


    Based on a search earlier today, I believe his statement was about the signing period that ended in June 2019.     But that was based on my interpretation of posts by you that were in the time period during that cycle.    I couldn’t find Elias’s actual statement.  



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  13. I can’t find the thread, but three starts ago someone was wondering if Means could get his ERA down below 5 by the end of the year, and I was saying that would be extremely difficult.    He’s now at 5.02, and if he gets his next out without allowing a run his ERA will be below 5.    What a strong finish he’s having — hopefully he can put together one more strong start and end the season on a very high note.   

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  14. 27 minutes ago, OFFNY said:



    (vs. D-RAYS, 9/20)


    Valaika was charged with 2 Errors on defense, and went 0-for-3 on offense this afternoon ....... fortunately, the Orioles were able to win the game anyway.




    I like Valaika, warts and all ...... I'm not sure how (or if) he will fit into the Orioles' plans for 2021 and beyond, but I like him.

    He’s very weak defensively at SS.  

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  15. I’d like to see continued good pitching this week, especially from Akin and Kremer.    I’d like to go into the offseason having some confidence that those two will be in our 2021 rotation and have a shot at doing a good job.   

    Not too concerned about anything else this week so far as the long term outlook goes.   But it would be nice to see the bats bust out a little after a pretty tepid last 10 days or so.  

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