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  1. joecap

    Happy Birthday

    One of my most favorite oriole.....
  2. Not looking at international players...that one really gets me.........
  3. Lead the league in K's looking last year, about to do the same this year....
  4. Reddick and Hill to Dodgers..........
  5. The homer he up to Donaldson was an awkward tomahawk swing...just one he left up.
  6. Flying in to Baltimore tomorrow, wanting to catch 2 games. Anyone hear how the weather is going to be tomorrow eve. Wanted to go Thursday and Friday.
  7. Thanks for the plasma.............:002_stongue:
  8. Gibbons up and pops out AJ batting
  9. Not working for me either...!!!
  10. If Bedard made it to Seattle.............
  11. I think the Mets snagging Santana opens the door for other teams to get involved. Maybe AM knew Santana was close to being dealt to the Mets. Thus the various stories we have been hearing for the past few days. I believe we will get the best deal for Bedard, from the team that wants him the most. I like the Dodgers getting involved and would love to see the Reds back into it. If nothing else it may make the M's include their untouchable players. Just my feeling guys.
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