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  1. I'd still Pipp him or Alberto if Franklin Barreto could be had on reasonable terms and left alone to play six solid weeks to see what happens. I still have fond memories of that time Ray Knight hit .600 for awhile as a new O.
  2. His August/September SLG and K/BB didn't really make it to my radar until of all things roto-prep last month, and he's sort of played his way into the Santander maybe gray area for me for the Rutschman Supporting Cast. There's like a few of the multi-verses where next week there could be a lineup like CF Hays, RF Santander, 1B Mountcastle, DH Nunez, 3B Ruiz, SS Barreto, LF Diaz, 2B Alberto, C whoever I imagine not having given up the ghost after 8 years Elias must be loving the early returns.
  3. Nice PA given the layoff. He was a Coby Mayo style bonus baby back in the day, clearly the bronze guy bonus-wise that Correa/McCullers year. https://www.baseball-reference.com/draft/?team_ID=HOU&year_ID=2012&draft_type=junreg&query_type=franch_year&from_type_jc=0&from_type_hs=0&from_type_4y=0&from_type_unk=0 If I toggle to 2012's 4th round, the only other $1M guy was Ty Buttrey. I didn't see anyone in the 2nd or 3rd round that year above his $1.85M, and sorting the 1st round the $1.85 seems to have been about the 22nd largest bonus overall that year.
  4. I still feel like there's no facsimile for MLB pitching, and hope there will be opportunity for him to see the Age 29 Cole and Age 26 Glasnow fastballs, if only for the context of how they are a little tamer two to three years from now when it might really matter for him to be able to hit them. A healthy Top 100-ish prospect repeating AAA after the level of success he had is a pretty rare circumstance these days. Certainly if it holds this way Mountcastle 2020 will be an early and interesting data point to follow to validate if there is anything to the clubs' contention we want to junk a whole bunch of minor league baseball so the few that matter get lion's shares of developmental resources.
  5. I thought "swing decision feedback" the most interesting nugget in this piece. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/questions-about-ryan-mountcastle-more Obviously the technology can tell the club if Mountcastle is choosing wisely on whatever pitches he is facing down there, but I don't see how he is facing many MLB-caliber pitches in that setting. Much more delay will be pretty discouraging to my not yet dead 2022 hopes. Before COVID, I saw 2020-2021 having room to give 1000 PAs to every hitter that matters. Most rookies will stink for awhile - time to start getting that over with.
  6. Hat tip Moose - the Marlins even the ones not let off the hook.
  7. How long can DJ Stewart hold off....
  8. A day for Means to really dig into the Zen of just throwing the ball to the catcher's glove. I do see Lopez at least announced as their SP.
  9. As ever the Braves half of this conversation would be....so who is paying that man his money? Then player List A or player List B - everybody's just a percolating Expected Surplus Value figure. Except Chris Archer, regrettably.
  10. This does have a Major League flavor - what will the front office come up with next to lose enough to get to Kumar, er, Florida? Especially with the Marlins head to head at hand, Bleier a deft little opening move.
  11. I'm working on enjoying the moment but these wins are feeling a little bit Pyrrhic, as the risk of missing a shot at one more rare talent for the next good team's core group increases. I took a little comfort this weekend in that entering 1989 - with today's perspective I might have looked for a McDonald bookend, then we went and did all that winning and only got...Mike Mussina (but not Chipper Jones). It isn't that I want the team to lose, it is more that this team very likely ought to lose. In 162, they would surely earn X for the peak Rutschman teams, but the circumstances of 2020 might conspire to block the org from having what it "deserves". But hey, if we can sweep the Rays, the Pirates can sweep the Twins, right?
  12. https://www.baltimoremagazine.com/section/sports/inside-orioles-data-friendly-rebuilding-project?fbclid=IwAR1ecbWPms6A7zRyEURaHpbYZaEgkeHaMoZsnUkc6vjnPcsSQJ_10W4rWzA In which we get the Hyde, Sig, Elias trio styling out on Eutaw Street, OMAR and a detail that Elias "stumped" for Lindor Cohort mid-tier guy Carlos Correa in the run up to that draft. Mostly a primer for magazine readers, but a nicely done one.
  13. There's likely something afoot, but just in stuff terms and fantasy podcast bubbles, Foltynewicz was occasionally mentioned in the "what mediocre guy could become Max Scherzer some year" vein that makes up so much of those. I wonder if any of what is afoot was emotion over this, combined with the org having so many good young arms bubbling up. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/ATL/ATL201910090.shtml
  14. I imagine he has made good progress shagging flies in Bowie the last few days so he can be fully MLB ready.
  15. Anyone want to guess Friday morning playoff odds if we are 6-1 capitalizing on depleted Marlins. At least the other 1-1 rivals all have a win (or two, I see you Tigers).
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