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  1. 5th inning it is over. It was busted with 2 out on something maybe a wee bit harder than a can of corn to left-center warning track that plopped between Dom Smith and Almora. Statcast box score says xBA .030, and hometown announcers saying maybe a break for manager as deGrom can now be removed coming off 3-innings his last outing. He indeed has been pinch hit for, so exits with seasonal ERA at 0.50.
  2. It would only be the 7-inning Bumgarner type, but deGrom hasn't hurt himself in 4 innings having moved past the Acuna/Freeman part of the order twice already.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26794343/passan-how-wander-franco-became-mlb-next-miss-kid ESPN re-listed this fine Jeff Passan piece from two years ago with Wander arriving tomorrow. I had forgotten/never knew he was on the spending limits border, or probably would have been a Yankee. interesting tidbits on 2018 minors population being over half non-US (very few Orioles then, natch), and only three 2019 first rounders from draft being younger than Wander. Gunnar was not a first rounder at 2-42, but is one of the Class of 2019 high schoolers slightly younger than Franco.
  4. Their one trip into town this year. It won't work out for me to go sit by the Astros dugout and try to tamper with Carlos Correa heading towards 2022, but I know Elias has known him since probably he was like an 8th grader so doubt I have any value to add if anything is ultimately feasible, and the CBA outcome gives ownership comfort it can pay its coaches, etc. Anyway, we only get to see Urquidy from their impressive batch of Latin American arms, but I thought here was an interesting chat tidbit just now from ex-Astro/now Fangraphs Goldstein on what might have been the frontier some ye
  5. BP Paternostro, generally reinforcing my guess he and Jahmai Jones perhaps become the 10th and 11th guys covering basically every position on the field except C/SS (and maybe SS too, if Hyde feels lucky any given night). I'm hopeful one/both can earn some near everyday reps late this year/early next. TERRIN VAVRA, 2B, BALTIMORE ORIOLES (DOUBLE-A BOWIE) Vavra (along with Tyler Nevin, and intriguing 2018 IFA Mishael Deson) was the return for one season and one month of Mychal Givens. Vavra on his own makes that a good deal, although he’s not the most upside-laden prospect you’ll fin
  6. Guess he and Connaughton might be getting to know each other in the East finals. He earned Sir Charles asking Trae Young who he was, and Shaq joking about Opie/Richie Cunningham going off in Game 7.
  7. Simeon Woods-Richardson pitched for New Hampshire today, teasing the possibility of a SWR v. Grayson collision next Saturday night. Grayson is now one of 60 Double-A Northeast starters with 4 GS; tonight I get him 8th in estimated K-BB%. SWR is one of his betters for the moment. He's had two games against bad teams, two against the better Akron team, and now Austin Martin and the one offense in the league as productive as the Baysox so far. Megill 33, Otto 32, Roansy/DL Hall/Frisbee 31, SWR/Logue 30, then Grayson 29. Rodriguez also 8th in K%, 8th in H/9, 6th in ERA among th
  8. I am okay with him only very lightly respecting AA hitters until they give him enough of a reason not to. Just box score reading, today seems like just a little bit of a reason. Maybe he can practice sequencing with Martin, Groshans and Moreno next weekend. Hopeful we'll hear a MurphDogg eyewitness account if he made it today.
  9. I see 2 HR the only hits yielded to bottom of lineup guys, in both cases their first HR on the season. This gives the impression of Rodriguez's power providing the over the fence energy for AA guys a bit better equipped to square up the ball. 68 pitches a trim number to get through the 5 IP, with .000 BABIP and >40 K-BB% for the day. Austin Martin's team tied with Adley's for league's top offense in next week.
  10. He tipped a Giannis missed free throw back to his team 4th quarter late in the SportsCenter highlights I saw to help his team win in Brooklyn and make the East Finals. Bucks had a wing injury at outset of playoffs, and he is now 6th in rotation. +10 was team best plus minus in the Game 7 road win.
  11. New Hampshire (Austin Martin, Jordan Groshans, Gabriel Moreno leading the one lineup keeping up with the Baysox) are in next week. We're looking at Saturday fireworks night for use of our General Admission vouchers, which might also line up to be Grayson if he pitches Game 5 next week after this afternoon.
  12. Here's the nuance I can put on the 2-for-5 with a walk, caught stealing, and a passed ball being at the yard last night. PA1 v. RH SP - single to LF, waiting on a breaking ball and hitting it over SS's head with left handed easy swing PA2 v. SP - walk. The Caught Stealing ensued when he was going two outs, full count, and the batter whiffed. Not really a true SB attempt. PA3 v. Arias - LHP with low arm slot called on fresh to face Adley hitting 3rd third time through order. Fresh lefty with funk, Rutschman 1st PA batting right-handed, that was the first strikeout. PA
  13. We took the freshly minted kindergarten graduate for fireworks, and what a doozy of a game. 635 start and unfortunately we had tears to manage at the 1100 curfew trying to ease the blow for a very tired 6-year-old he would not get to see fireworks tonight because the baseball men were not finished. He got to learn that sometimes 1-2% outcomes do happen, but the Baysox did give ticket vouchers to everyone exiting afterwards. We had front row seats right at the Rubber Ducks on-deck circle, and kiddo got an in-game fist bump from Will Benson, a new favorite non-Oriole. Yes, a Baysox
  14. Just pulled after lead off walk in 5th. Touched 95 on stadium scoreboard but got outs on a couple well struck balls. Probably fortunate to have the line he did tonight.
  15. Better than Wander Franco's lineup tonight. I refrain from starting a Zac Lowther 2021 thread in the Minors forum with the deck chairs we are shuffling. I suppose by now Wander and Brujan's opponents may benefit a little from their ennui.
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