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  1. I'll have just the regular Game 7 rooting interest with Nick gone. I suppose I could arcanely root for the Dodgers because I think the odds of Turner leaving are greater if he gets his dogpile, and he's a favorite pre-Lindor Cohort target if we Werth'ed anyone this year. I think until/unless the Dodgers get one Turner will basically do Tim Wakefield style auto-renews. I have imagined he could be out there this offseason at Dodgers discretion going towards Seager/Lux on left side, but Lux's 2020 hasn't really positioned him for that. Willy Adames being a huge WS hero could be fun, because I think he's soon the next Archer type piece out the door to clear Wander space, and they'd still do it. Of course Adames heroics would increase their return, and bargaining position to try and do Acuna/Albies things to Wander so that might not be the best thing to cheer for. Much less risk of that though as Wander did at least get about 40x Acuna in the beginning.
  2. Urias in for top of 7th with Nick's spot leading off and he's switched out for Camargo. O'Day fair shot for a moment as Braves have gone through a lot of guys to get first 18 outs.
  3. Elias said on the team podcast the hope/expectation was a lot more combine stuff in the late spring/early summer. Believe the draft being pushed back to All-Star break will also help clubs catch up on their looks.
  4. Now that I know these game by game charts exist, I hope someone open source somewhere is tabulating team by team totals, home/road splits to see just how many free runs the Yankees get over the course of time.
  5. This makes me recall a probability question from some childhood Brain Teaser book that if there are 30 people in a room, what are the chances two have the same birthday? You're supposed to think probably not, but about there it is something like high 90%'s likely, and it doesn't take many more for it to be astronomically unlikely some pair doesn't occur.
  6. Not of the catcher, but I think the metric is trying to judge that as "close enough" crediting a pitcher for making a batter miss. Various Pitcher List guests on Paul Sporer's (and other I am sure) podcast have described this for awhile, but not with Alex Fast "behold!" rigor. Akin's good Yankees outing got the daily Called Strikes + Whiffs prize. https://www.pitcherlist.com/akin-to-an-ace/
  7. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?game_pk=526503&game_date=2017-10-21 The Morton-McCullers matchup tonight is of the two guys who tandem shut out the Yankees in Game 7 three years back. That's the game that stands out in my memory as the one where McCullers threw all curves - Savant has it at "only" 41 out of 54. Imagine Greinke wondering today if club will show any confidence in him tonight. Anxious for Nick now - that Mookie play spooking Ozuna into the TOOTBLAN flub got Dodgers past a Joe Kelly use while trailing in an elimination game, and could elevate to Jeter against Oakland legend levels if the Dodgers get the dogpile. O'Day (and Melancon) both fully charged, neither having pitched since Tuesday. I think Dodgers take one more laugher somewhere out of the last possible two.
  8. Akin is a good guy to kick this can with. I heard Sam Miller say on a podcast a year or two ago he figured in 50 years there would no longer be a difference between SP and RP. Akin is neither Buehrle nor Aroldis, and I could imagine middle distance being his Goldilocks zone. He could be a evolutionary link (as could probably 5-10 guys in any org). I think we're only at the beginning of Big Data sinking its teeth into deployment, but retraining pitchers expectations even for Born in 1995 's like Akin will be a bigger task than it will in another 5-10 years. In the meantime, we get to watch the Mike Fierses of the world freak out about stuff. If we're honestly trying to beat the Yankees in a couple years and they still have LeMahieu, Judge, Stanton, Gleyber, Voit for a top half - even Means (and certainly not Akin) doesn't have to pitch the 1st. It's the role Mychal Givens was born to play!
  9. All this danged "civilization" these last 100-odd generations - we're the outliers. I became a dad at 42; I like to say in caveman terms I'm his grandpa. Sparky was 36 when he took over the '70 Reds, and under-ed Age 39 Earl in the WS matchup (cheating for Earl's seasonal age, he hit 40 in August 1970). Nick is a month shy of 37, trying to get there tonight. Too bad for Buck White Sox ownership seems to have a bee in their bonnet, though out auditioning Hinch, Cora, etc would be tough even if La Russa doesn't work out. I don't imagine those guys are gonna be Black Sox or anything.
  10. I think Chris Martin just dotted the corner on a 3-2 pitch two on two out as the Braves try to keep their 7-2 lead in the 7th inning. Martin has walked 13 guys in 2.5 years, and one just now. In a very 2020 thing, next guy hits a line drive over his head, but Albies is standing there to escape the jam.
  11. I wonder how Dodger fandom felt about 19/20/21 Acuna/Freeman/Ozuna. I mean he's CLAYTON KERSHAW and he turned back the clock pretty well this summer, but still it's anybody. My top two guesses entering this series would have been Dodgers 5 and Dodgers 4 so I'm beyond thrilled for Nick/O'Day here. Still 9 long outs tonight. I also hope Elias locked in his Correa' 22 price, beating Nick Anderson and all tonight. I've been heavy writing the Astros downfall, but notwithstanding the next week and a half, the Springer and Brantley team picks will give a good clue. Greinke seems like he'd appreciate a deal after his postgame comments yesterday.
  12. The bit about locating the high spin 4-seam low in zone was interesting - I wonder if the org sees that as something to coach out of him. I thought the idea of high (back)spin high fastballs and high (forward)spin breaking balls was to always have the pitch viciously breaking up/down away from the swing. It's always good to command the ball where you want, but if aiming for low strikes, seems like excellent spin would inch it back towards the barrel. I wonder if he is just so adept at the 4-seam he just likes it even for low pitches, but normally isn't that what the 2-seam sinker is for? On the other hand, unless you're Zack Britton, I guess the world of today is sinkers are lame, generally descending to meet the plane of those sweet sweet slight uppercuts. The way I understand the gist of how the Pirates failed to maximize Cole/Glasnow was prescribing too many low 2-seam type pitches.
  13. See what happens when you sit Nick Markakis. We could need the Little League rule for this one. I expect a mutual adjournment post haste, but if the Dodgers really wanted there could be a 30-3 run here. I think if the hitters lock, Snitker won't let them work the good middle relievers and we'll get postseason position player pitching. We'll see Bottom 1 Acuna, Freeman, Ozuna transmit the let's make outs fast code.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how the deployment patterns move as the decade gets underway. I feel like even if Hall's flaws persist - the team will find some niche he can contribute in. The peak Rutschman teams I hope will play a couple few years where playoff probability all along is high enough you can finetune for October roles. The early Rutschman teams initial flirtations with contention - playoff berths could tilt on factors like do you just let Hall shove for 2-3 innings a couple times a week and call it good, or lead the AL in walks allowed in 2023 generally pitching badly but acquiring experience. I think I think I'm rooting for the Orioles to have 8-9 hundred inning guys in a few years. To finish the 1450ish, you do need a couple pushing 175, but maybe only just a couple. Anticipating deployment inching this way makes me worry less about a guy like Hall (and clearly he's the org's poster child for this sort of scenario) making it all the way. If Means, Rodriguez and Baumann (or some Scherzer character to be named later) give one or two 175-types, I'm not sure I want marginal innings 85-140 from Kremer, Hall, Akin, Smith etc. come mid-decade. Smith's my dark horse new guy placement I'm itching to see here.
  15. I'll be curious to see if he entices Cal to do any spring mentoring come '22 or '23, and watching Games Played by Position when minors games resume closely. I'm a stick in the mud for shortstops play shortstop, so will be rooting for no 3B/2B flexing for his long term value. It'll be nothing but a windfall for the org if he does it, but the rosiest projections in my head are still Tejada: Next Generation and if he's really a fast mover maybe the Machado thing happens in August 2022. Vavra's already got an A ball MVP - I hope to see Henderson contend for one of those in '21.
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