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  1. What a bullpen. Other than Sulser, the rest of the guys take the mound with a can of gasoline.
  2. A beautiful day for baseball. Get lineups from MLB.com.
  3. Depending on how big the lead is in the 8th or 9th(hypothetically) and where they are in the batting order at the time, McKenna could be put in the OF and the DH given up. Particularly if you're using relief pitchers for one inning only.
  4. Both announcers managed to not mention the elephant in the room - Mullins does not throw well.
  5. Is the Yard full tonight to see Ohtani and a young Orioles club with Jones?
  6. He induced a pop-up last night that would have ended the game and preserved the shutout. But it fell in no man's land between 1B, 2B and RF. He should not go down because of that game.
  7. Follow @Eric_Birdland on Twitter. Looks he made the trip down to Ft. Myers today. Usually he covers games in Sarasota.
  8. Getting tired of Detroit picking before O's in the draft.
  9. Todd Zeile, 3B: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/z/zeileto01.shtml
  10. Has a chance to advance in the next few weeks after tonight's signing. 2 Class A catchers - Cannon and Handley - hurt. Delmarva currently featuring a guy out of DSL/FCL and Ogren, converted this year to backstop. Aberdeen has non-touted Rodriguez just promoted and Burgess, batting .091, (not a misprint). You would think a brief stint in FCL would lead to Class A soon.
  11. Fry's worth increasing at the deadline. Are we now up to two 17-year-olds from the DR?
  12. Urias building value. Will someone offer a 17-year-old from DR?
  13. In the minors - unlike MLB - players who hit grounders run to first like their lives (and professional careers) depend on it. Additionally, almost all are very athletic and can get down the line at a decent clip. If the infielder bobbles the ball or slightly mishandles the play, the runner is typically safe, unlike in MLB where the batter may amble down the line and not run hard until the ball is bobbled. This occurs at all levels of the minors. I wouldn't be surprised if this boosts minor league errors by some noticeable number.
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