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  1. I read an article years ago profiling him and it said he was extremely shy and barely even spoke with his teamates, still lived with his mom too at the time. It said he had social anxiety and only time he felt comfortable was when batting so no surprise he seemed akward in the interview and not saying much.
  2. O's are pulling out of Bluefield and ARE NOT going to move the team or anything, they are leaving Rookie league completely....dropping one minor league team from their system. So they will have fewer minor leaguers going forward. More money pinching for the development system it looks like what was supposed to be a priority isn't, fewer scouts than other teams and now one less minor league team all together.
  3. Most businesses and organizations are not run well. I bet there are some other baseball teams just as bad off. A few exceptional ones too of course.
  4. I live in Danville Virginia and go to rookie league games, bluefield is in the league. They suck. All of the other teams have good international players on it. The Mariners got a guy from the DR who is hitting 10 homer runs already signed as a free agent. Never have I seen the O's have a good international player on this bluefield team and I've been going to these games for 10 years. Bluefield is in last place, every year they are in last place.
  5. That's what i took from it. Oh, but he did put in a new computer system. One question you wonder is why - is it Mcaphail being too cheap to put up the expenses or would more scouts threaten the favored people in the organization?
  6. This is one of the things that really stuck out to me too. He mentioned these couple of things that he said he accomplished - the first or second being this computer system and the impression I got is that he really has been able to accomplish very little. That's why he is talkin up a computer system.
  7. yes you go after him. This guy has huge potential. Been hurt by injuries. It is a roll of the dice and if it pays off his upside is much bigger than snyder - who I DO NOT Think is going to ever be a big power hitter. Remember he's only a prospect, and his potential upside is a Jeff Conine type. Not a lot of power. Bell has power, but needs to hone his bat. This is a chance you should go after. And the Royals GM is on a short leash and probably has only a few years to improve the team so he might be willing to trade him for more immediate help.
  8. LAst year I saw simon on tv play for the o's and he was terrible. The other week I went to a AAA game in Durham and was hoping to see tillman or arrieta. Instead simon was pitcing. I thought on know this guy sucks. He doesn't. He lit it up and threw over 90 miles an hour for over 6 innings and the other team couldn't do anyting to hit him. He is a tough man and will frighten many of the other players with his speedy pitches and big size. He made the YANKEES look small.
  9. The big difference this year I think is Guthrie, Mora, and Huff. But Guthrie in particular. The team should have been better this year, but the guy that was our number one pitcher last year is now pitching like a lemon. If Tillman and Mastuz pitch well then things will pick up. I think all the team needs is a good first or third basemen next year to be a lot better. Wigginton can fill in at third until the next year.
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