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  1. No one is saying otherwise. The quotes I referenced is beyond that imo. Oh, and once again, Stoner had nothing to do with that thread so it was rather odd for it to go the way it did. The total high road of not commenting would have likely been most wise in order to not provide the publicity and to come off looking well, or the high road of simply saying that they didn't respect/think much of/etc of Stoner sending the PM's and leaving it at that.
  2. If you somehow interpret it like that, then I can see why you'd use the roll eyes face.
  3. First off, there wasn't really any good reason for that thread to become about bashing him, secondly, there's a difference between saying I don't like the guy and I thought him PMing our members was bush league and the above quotes. If you don't see that, then I don't know what to say. Either way, we're obviously aren't going to agree on the matter.
  4. I don't see what the argument would be for taking a thread about SG being banned and then taking that opportunity to take personal shots at him that go far and beyond just referring to his PM's on here.
  5. I have no issue with what I said. I did like the Hangout more in the past and I alluded to that in the OP. Like I said, that's not a reflection on you, in fact it's because you have done such a good job attracting new posters to the site. My preference is when the board had fewer posters and a better overall quality of posters (imo). But I have still enjoyed the board obviously, otherwise I would have left. The other line is just a joke, which I don't think you or anyone else on here should take offence to.
  6. Bashing him for the PM's is one thing, what you did is another thing. You have personal issues with him that likely prohibits you from seeing that distinction.
  7. First off, thanks for the reply and the apology. Secondly, I clearly did say I feel there was something wrong with how it went down. It's just not an offence where I'm going to join in on bashing a guy far and beyond just that matter or agree with others who are doing so. Lastly, I am fine with being someone who just posts here. I haven't made much of an effort to become that ingrained in the community (partially due to where I have lived) and I haven't always felt totally welcomed into it. So I don't really take it as an insult that I'm not a true Hangouter because I post elsewhere and don
  8. Yes, it is to many, but I haven't met anyone in real life except for someone who barely posted on here. I've also never cried due to the Hangout as much as some would probably hope I did. I get that some are very close to others on here, etc, but for me, I don't see the need the need for loyalty to be come into play that much in terms of where I post. That said, the Hangout will always have a special place in my heart regardless if I keep posting on here or not.
  9. Here's my response to Tony from the SG thread, which I'm guessing will make me go the way of SG and said response may not remain on the site long, but here goes: You seem to like to attack me for little to no reason. Like the weird jab in the voting thread. I did not say loyalty to this community is silly at all. That's your interpretation that is likely the result of having some sort of issue with me. Others have said the same thing regarding loyalty, yet you haven't jumped on them. Others got way more political in that thread than I, but I didn't see you get on their case. So maybe you shou
  10. mweb


    I'm a little confused by this post. You admit that you shouldn't have taken a shot at him and have since deleted that part of the post, yet you aren't sure why I or anyone else thought there was a problem with the post? You also called SG a name, but that's at least staying on topic. And here's where I may get in trouble... I also think the post you quoted was totally uncalled for and a very personal attack, so just that you quoted and agreed with him is too much of a validation of that type of behavior imo.
  11. mweb


    Calling out how? Crissfan made a rather derogatory remark towards Stoner and has not backed it up in the least. If someone has something legit, then I'll agree. But I don't get how anyone can point to him asking why people would pay for a message board when there's a viable alternative (in his opinion) as if that's some cheap shot or attack.
  12. mweb


    You know he's in his 30's right? He and Andrew Bynum can work on maturation together.
  13. mweb


    Well I think you likely respect far more people than you should if you want to go by that standard considering the offence we are talking about. Or you respect almost no one. Anyway, the point is that he had nothing to do with the topic of this thread and then some decided to run his name through the mud. Maybe you should think about that when dealing with the topic of respect.
  14. mweb


    It's interesting and sad imo how a thread about SG being banned has turned into lets attack Stoner, a guy who was a longtime respected and cordial member of this board before putting in a ton of work during his stint as Tony's right hand man. Yeah, that didn't pan out for whatever reasons (that are, or at least weren't public), and now he's started his own board. Other than the soliciting members on this site, I'm not sure how he deserves all of these personal attacks.
  15. mweb


    Speaking of childish...
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