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  1. In the two weeks between receiving the first and second test results he triple-slashed .152/.188/.239.
  2. All part of the long con to move the team to Nashville.
  3. I certainly am not going to judge Jones on 72 plate appearances spread out over the last 39 games of the season. Interestingly, the Orioles were 11-8 in the games that Jones started. He was solid but not spectacular at AAA, with an OPS 80 points higher than the team average and a very good 94 point delta between his batting average and OBP. Hopefully he will get the chance to play every day next year (most likely in AAA) and I imagine his defensive position may be a little more settled. Need to know whether he is going to be a super utility guy or a potential everyday second ba
  4. Diaz is not Rule 5 eligible. He is already on the 40-man roster. Gillispie is also not Rule 5 eligible. He will be Rule 5 eligible after next season.
  5. McKenna is more rosterable on a good team, Stewart is more rosterable on a bad team.
  6. Zobrist had fantastic defense for like 4 years of his career since he didn't become a regular starter until he was 28 and was below average by the time he was 33. Urias is likely capable of reaching Zobrist average defensive output, although not Zobrist's age 28-30 peak. Which to me, is more than enough to meet the definition of "Zobrist-Lite".
  7. Far too many pitchers. I got all the hitters besides Cuiffo and Rio Ruiz who I thought must have left the team 3 years ago. Missed over a dozen pitchers. Part of it is that I found it easy to go position by position in my head and get pretty much everyone. There were so many undistinguished pitchers that I just didn't have any way to recall them all.
  8. We don't have near enough info to judge Long's coaching abilities, nor Holt's. Remember Holt was the minor league pitching coordinator, when all these guys that are struggling in the Majors were succeeding in the minors. That said, it is tough to give the O's the benefit of the doubt on personnel decisions, so it is tough to have much of an opinion.
  9. At the very least, Hays would be a solid weak side platoon corner outfielder for a playoff contender with the added value of being a late-inning defensive upgrade / pinch runner / non-embarrassing backup centerfielder. Hopefully he can become a respectable hitter against righties, but at this point he is one of a handful of Orioles who would definitely be rosterable by a playoff contender along with Means, Mullins and Mountcastle. Mancini, Urias, Santander, Sulser, Tate and Wells could potentially be rosterable as well, depending on the overall makeup of the playoff contending team
  10. Home uniforms and road uniforms have different hats. I was just being glib. Really, all the players could have given their hats away since it is the end of the season.
  11. I think that hit will get changed to an error. Good play by Mullins to get there, but when the ball hits your glove it should be an E-8.
  12. I can't believe Severino didn't get pulled to start the ninth after that performance. Two strikeouts, a pop out, and a defensive adventure whenever runners were on and you stroll out of the box on a ball hit to the wall and wind up at first. Embarrassing. On the plus side, he gave his hat away to a kid after the game. I dont think he will need it again.
  13. Yeah, I expect what is typically a hitter's league to favor hitters even more than usual, and guys like this to be the cannon fodder. With the 2020 season being canceled, I don't expect many decent pitching prospects to end up in the AFL this year.
  14. I would prefer the 1:1 but the 1:2 isn't the end of the world. At least that extra win against Boston came on the back of good pitching and a clutch home run by Mountcastle. If that win costs us the pick, then so be it.
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