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  1. I think Elias could bring in another veteran starting pitcher. But, I don't know if it will be someone in the top 50.
  2. He did say a “strong option off the bench.” Not the starter.
  3. I love the Orioles. I don't like three true outcomes baseball. The more it happens, the less I'll care to pay attention or spend money on it. I'm 60, and some of this might come off as stay off my lawn stuff. But many of the games are not that interesting, at least for me.
  4. I agree. But I think he could be our next 2B man.
  5. Funny thing is to my eyes, he didn't look "awful" at all. He looked like someone learning a new position on the fly. If he is athletic enough to truly be an average defender in LF, his bat will provide big time value at that position.
  6. You keep saying this about Mountcastle and you keep being wrong. He was roughly average in LF with very little game experience behind him.
  7. 1-2. First round, second pick.
  8. Part of the problem is that it’s a game of “Guess What Tony Thinks.” Nothing wrong with that. But the question here isn’t what do you or I think? I am pretty much in tune with Tony’s thinking 1-7. From there on out it’s a crapshoot. Just glad the Orioles have much higher quality crap now!
  9. We’re at the point of arguing whether you like chocolate chip cookie dough or fudge ripple. All depends on your favorite flavor. It’s pretty subjective from this point out. You can group five or six with similar levels of talent (tiers) and shuffle the cards. Big drop off from 7-8. 8-12 are probably pretty closely matched before another drop.
  10. I can see why Tony said that 5-7 could be in any order and not 5-8. Appears to be a big drop off from Baumann to Westburg. This would be my first disagree, but from here down it’s all “who knows?”
  11. We’ve drafted and traded for a decent number of infielders under Elias. I know some here have suggested Adam Hall take some reps in CF. Options are good, in several meanings of the word.
  12. @PaulMancano · Oct 11 #Orioles No. 13 prospect Terrin Vavra has been working in center field since his trade from the Rockies system. Had never played in the outfield before, but O’s clearly like his speed and athleticism.
  13. Well, I went Baumann and Diaz. If Akin truly has this much reliever risk, I can’t put him over a pitcher like Baumann that still has a starter profile. And I can’t move Westburg ahead of Diaz before he’s played a game or faced a professional pitcher.
  14. If he’s adequate in the field, the bat is better than all of those other guys. And if he eventually replaces Mancini at first, so be it.
  15. As always, love the write ups more than who goes where. Even if I’m doing pretty good with that this year.
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