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  1. For me, the 40 man spot is the issue. Obviously, there are many moving parts. Do they keep Mancini and Santander? If they are traded or non-tendered, then perhaps they keep Stewart for the time being as a DH. That is the only way I can see him staying. Being a LH hitter, on a team that is heavily RH helps him. Even with all that, the OF talent has him on the outside looking in. McKenna hit really well in AAA, and we need to find out if that has any merit. Playing everyday would allow us to find out. Nevin might be a guy who fills a gap instead of Stewart, but again, like you said, he did
  2. It is long overdue. Something as simple as signing a lease for most people, is problematic for minor league players. It will be interesting to follow different teams’ solutions.
  3. I have to agree completely. He will be 28 next month. He has not done anything to keep his 40 man spot over several younger guys with actual upside. Stewart was supposed to have some OBP, which he does because he walks. BA does not mean very much these days, but his line for his career is .214/,329/.403/.732. How much longer are we supposed to give him? His K% in 2020 was 33.9, which was slightly improved in 2021 at 28%. He had a 94 WRC in 2021 as opposed to a very respectable 123 in 2020, albeit a SSS and propped up by a hot 10 days. He is a terrible OF, evidenced by his -9 DRS in 2021, accor
  4. Lost in this trade was the opportunity to evaluate our young starters. But, Kremer and Akin regressed, Zimm was injured, Baumann injured, Lowther and Wells got the yo-yo treatment, and Pitching Coach Chris Holt disappeared for a month. Jones hit well for about two months before struggling after an injury. He likely isn’t an average defender at 2B, but he is not awful. I still believe he will hit.
  5. That’s probably true, considering he will not be arbitration eligible at this rate until he’s 40.
  6. Bundy sputtered for 2-3 years, not nine. IDK, I have personally had enough. Waging my campaign. “Dump the mullet!” I know he is a favorite of many here, but how long do we have to wait to do the inevitable? He is a favorite based on a glimpse of what he could be.
  7. Have you looked at his career stats? He is semi-healthy one of every three years. And that one year is on strict innings limits and rest in between. For me, it is about his preparation. I am obviously just speculating, as I have no inside knowledge of his situation. But the majority of his injuries in recent years are preventable with proper training today. It is certainly more than just bad luck. He has three seasons above 25 innings in his 9 year career. 87 innings in 2014, 32 innings in 2018 and 82 in 2019. In his three seasons in MLB, he has 23.2 innings. How long do we keep that non
  8. I can understand your thoughts. At first glance a month ago, I was wondering the same. I do think Nevin will hit for a bit more power and better average. He needs to get stronger. If Mancini gets traded, Nevin could end up on the roster as a corner utility. He can play an average 1B, a tick below average LF and is said to be better than they thought at 3B. I want to start by saying I think Bannon can hit somewhat better than he did in 2021. But his bat will not carry the rest of his game. I think Bannon’s profile is very limited at this point. He is well-below average at 2B. He is clearl
  9. True, but none of them have been there in years. And which of them beyond Price has been productive after they left TB? The current model they seem to like is to make several trades and acquire talent they can improve upon and flip for more talent. They sign a Charlie Morton, a Rich Hill, a Chris Archer, etc…and get them to pitch well. They have had several successful reclaimation projects. The trade they made for Archer to get back Austin Meadows, Shane Baz, and Tyler Glasnow…good grief! But then they sign Wander Franco. They get Patino for Snell. The list goes on. They are a regula
  10. I assume it’s Hunter you want to keep? For me, that ship has sailed. All the talent in the world, and it produces no value between the lines. But maybe they see Kriske as someone who they can get something out of. I did not think much of what I saw, but that was a really small sample. I do think Krehbiel may stick around as a useful set up guy. He has some nice late action on his pitches, and a quick arm. The real question for me is, what does Mike Elias think of Felix Bautista, Cody Sedlock, Blaine Knight, Gray Fenter, Cameron Bishop and Nick Vespi? And does he like them more than some
  11. Ciuffo is an interesting talent. They seem to like him. Do we keep Wynns and Ciuffo? Or just Wynns? Ciuffo’s track record and history of drug suspensions make for a risky 40 man keep.
  12. Pitchers are different, especially after the COVID loss of 2020. And they may have lost confidence in AAA pitching coach Steenstra. And he did move up one level from Aberdeen earlier. Grayson is 21, Dorrian is 25. Bottom line, I am not sure he is protected or not. That is what I said originally. I would probably not, if it was me making the decision. He is 25 yoa with one solid season in AA. At this point, I cannot say he projects to keep doing that. Perhaps they believe in him like you do and they protect him. So be it. I just think they would have moved him up if they liked him that mu
  13. Maybe there will be a team that covets a LH corner INF bat. Maybe a NL team. That said, I doubt he would get selected. I doubt he is put on the 40 man. The Orioles are starved for LH bats, but I don’t think they see him as a piece. If they did, I think they would have moved him up to AAA in July or early August.
  14. You can certainly make a case. He had a great year with the bat. Doubters might point to his lack of physicality, track record and splits. Mixed reviews on defense. LH power bats are definite value.
  15. I am not ready to give up on Jahmai Jones yet. My eyes tell me that he should hit line drives from gap to gap after he makes a few adjustments and gets comfortable. The defense was not average, but it wasn't terrible either. Perhaps he ends up a fourth OF type, but I do believe in the bat. A lot of names not listed in the OP go before Jones would. Elias did not pay $10 million in Cobb's salary to give up on Jones this soon. The first thing that has to happen is to get down to 40 on the 40 man. We are currently at 47 with seven on the 60 day IL. SO, the seven that need to go immediately af
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