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  1. But Ruiz knew the carom off the brick wall on the WP!
  2. With this high-octane offense, you can blink and miss some real action. Bathroom break? Forget it.
  3. When that happens, I think the time to leave the game is when Freddie is in the on-deck circle.
  4. Maybe Freddie needs some hitting tips from fellow vet Crush Davis.
  5. I wasn't suggesting there was a better option. Once Iglesias was gone, Orioles were desperate for a SS. They signed the guy who may or may not have been the best one available, and so far he's weak offensively and defensively.
  6. You can't fault Severino for trying to be a star on the PB.
  7. We needed a SS in the worst way, and that's what we got.
  8. DJ! I'd bat him second behind Mullins. Hole on the right side when Mullins is on, see more pitches in the first inning.
  9. They have the stretch in the 5th. Just to underscore the travesty, I'd like to think.
  10. Impressive work by Lakins (a low threshold for Oriole relievers lately).
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