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  1. I would think both Wilson and Ynoa are up, because there is no long man. I think Asher will be a roster casualty. Or Rickard.
  2. Why is our defense a circus?
  3. This. And Gausman was visibly upset that he hit a batter.
  4. He'll, with Ubaldo coming in we might get another pitcher ejected. Wonder if he is getting brought in tonight so he doesn't get ejected in 2 inning tomorrow.
  5. Just like this inning should be over on the strike that wasn't called by this crap ump.
  6. I can not wait for the post game presser from everyone.
  7. Wow I thought that was out of the park.
  8. I was actually thinking that. Just say F it and leave the field.
  9. He might have to pitch.
  10. Closer to "why don't you just throw us all out " while he was making the hand gestures.
  11. I love Buck. "Just throw us all out."
  12. Ugh release both Hardy and Ubaldo.
  13. So technically Gausman ERA still goes up after this.
  14. I am guessing at least two of three of Blieir, Asher, and Rickard get sent down after the game for bullpen pieces.
  15. They are playing with a 6 man bullpen and no other long man besides Blieir. There is going to be a slew of roster moves tomorrow.
  16. Jeez between the Hernandez injury and the Gausman toss, we have only had 9 outs in almost an hour.
  17. Ugh and there is the mistake that sets the table.
  18. Gentry would have to be passed through waivers. Not that losing him is a huge concern but it is a consideration when Rickard hasn't been any better.
  19. Scott, I don't like that poster, but you did miss the point. He never defended Boston. His point is that the Orioles showing class doesn't solve the issue.
  20. I thought it was interesting that Barnes appealed but then dropped it so it would be over before the Orioles series.
  21. Not really. I get his point and it is a valid point. The suspensions pitchers get is a joke and and a baseball being thrown at 100 mph could be classified as assault. But that quote will be taken out of context and burn him, even if it is valid.
  22. While I agree with the sentiment, saying what Manny said is only going to hurt him. I just hope first people out are protecting Manny from doing something really stupid.
  23. I don't think they will, at least intentionally. But this seems to have gotten to a point where any accident could be taken with malice and all bets are off. Plus the Red Sox are calling up Kyle Kendrick to replace Wright (for one of the games). Definitely not an integral piece that will be missed if he gets suspended.
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