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  1. Yeah his transformation is truly amazing. Something that had a very little chance of happening if he stayed here.
  2. Lol. It's always amazing that you can take a reasonable point and take it to a disagreeable degree. Triggs was a slight head scratcher but no one envisioned this type of success. But in your quest to trash the Orioles, you unsurprisingly ignore many important points to try to make yours. Triggs was released for a spot for Pedro Alvarez and he was released because of transaction rules dealing with how closely he had been added and the time of ST they were trying to take him off the roster.
  3. These moves are symbolic and don't solve anything. The salaries for these people, will what, offset 17 minutes of a MNF game?
  4. Maybe Gentry would make it through, but I think the Pirates would grab him in their current situation.
  5. What good is it to "get Josephs bat working" if he is the backup?
  6. Lol. We know your baseball knowledge is pretty limited but to suggest he would be unemployed is more stupid than what you normally spout.
  7. And it is a stupid thing to say. There should be no throwing at heads period. There is no way to "just graze" a helmet. You can't predict how a player is going to react to a ball coming at their head. To their torso or butt, yes, but a player can move in any direction when it is coming at their head.
  8. I hope we don't see Brach. No reason for a 4th day in a row.
  9. Yeah, this one is a tad odd. At least send him back down to stay on a starters schedule if you don't plan on starting him in the majors. Having so many 5th starter candidates is great but won't be helpful if none of them can get stretched out.
  10. I don't see them calling up Pedro if Rickard will be back within a week. Mullins could be a consideration since who ever is called up is going to be a 5th OF or PRer or late inning defense.
  11. I guess but being already over 60 pitches after 2 innings doesn't really scream that he has a chance to last much longer.
  12. Then his 3rd inning management makes no sense. To remove Gausman as soon as he let a runner on is illogical.
  13. I figured it was so they didn't have to bring a reliever in to finish the inning so they could PH.
  14. Lol. One bad start. Oh well. Don't get why they didn't PH for him though.
  15. Lol you telling people to calm down after your Wilson/Buck thread.
  16. Lol. This is a trade in the loosest meaning of the word.
  17. Guess this move also keeps Ascher as 5th starter.
  18. By far the biggest contributor is the Seattle Mariners. Thanks for Jones, Tillman, Miley, and Trumbo.
  19. Yet hasn't been used for any of those reasons yet, whereas everyone else has multiple appearances.
  20. I am still confused as to why Nuno is on this roster. I would have kept Chrichton over Nuno today.
  21. It's a sport where the best teams still lose 62 games.
  22. When has that ever been a "classic long man" situation?
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