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  1. I don't like it when sport leagues get involved with politics regardless of the politics. I just want to enjoy the diversion without the messaging.
  2. I don't think that DJ has anything to do with Mountcastle. If RM hits he'll play.
  3. I love a good salmon cake. I used to eat them in DC in churches who ran breakfast buffets.
  4. I forgot how bad that September collapse was. They finished 75-87 or 4-17 after that date.
  5. I'm going to go with that I blocked out all memory of the 92 series because the Blue Jays won. 🤣🤣
  6. Let's hope there is less wind than there usually is in Sarasota in March.
  7. You maybe right... There are two images that I thought of when I made that comment. Schilling: bloody sock of course. I don't think Mussina pitches in that game. Mussina: After a Yankee's loss saying (I am paraphrasing a little) Well, I did my job and gave the team a chance to win.
  8. I agree. It makes no sense to actually say this out loud. He clearly thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.
  9. That and his politics. Since the HOF has turned into more of a place for very good players (IMHO) and I get that they need to put in players every year to keep the money rolling into town. I think Schilling should be in. I would rather have him pitch in a big game than ole' I did my job by giving my team a chance to win, Mike Mussina.
  10. That's an interesting question. It certainly is possible. I enjoy the twists and turns of threads sometimes. Like how an 5 1/2 year old poll turns into a thread about the HOF.
  11. I had not remembered it that way. Should've done more research. I guess that's what I get for trusting my memory.
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