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  1. Cobb has rebounded very nicely. 5+ ERA is from not having any ST and a horrible defense behind him. Several of his 15 losses are due to lack of run support. He is really putting together a nice second half. Keep him and I think we can get a nice piece for him next deadline. His contract is actually not that bad.
  2. It is the Yankees on national TV! The O's are just the other team.
  3. Bringing him up now is pointless. He has been mediocre at AAA. He’s only been there for a few weeks. There’s no reason to rush him up. You can (and the O’s have) damage development by bring up someone too soon. I’d much rather hold off until they’re beating down the door. Bring him up in 3 weeks (September) and let him start next year in the minors and gain the extra year of control. Who knows what he will be but most projections have him as a lower division regular or a forth OF. We are talking about an above average defender but not an impact bat. There’s no real need to have him up in this malaise of a season.
  4. I would manipulate as many prospect's service time as I can to get the extra year of control. They may never pan out but, there is no reason to have any true prospect loose a year of control for service time the rest of this year or first two months next year. Let them come up in September and then start next year back down and target June/July to start to bring them up. I don't care if they are 24-25 yo. Nothing wrong with extending control into age 30-31 seasons. Could work out better as they run through most of their prime years before FA hits.
  5. Can someone please tell me how to use this feature. This is a serious request...I looked but didn't find it.
  6. I may not use the same tone as sportsfan8703 but I really don’t like the Nats. I disagree with your assertion that they haven’t embarrassed their hometown like the Orioles. First, I am not embarrassed by the O’s every run ends at some point. They are losing at an historic rate but I’m not embarrassed by that. It is what it is. I’m kind of glad because it has made it clear what needs to be done. Whats embarrassing is that the Nats being one of the national media darlings spoon feed players by Boris and NEVER WINNING A PLAYOFF SERIES. they’ve played in the worst division in baseball for many years and have won meaningless division titles against horrible competitors. I wouldn’t trade the O’s for the Nats period.
  7. We might find out he was indeed talking about Mike Wright when discussing future closers?
  8. I think it's completely different when talking about an athlete where age is clearly a factor, especially when discussing a player such as Adam who is both expensive and on the downside of his abilities and a baseball executive who really has nothing to do with age. If you were attempting to be cute and clever by playing with the DD quote... you failed IMO.
  9. In the distant past, IIRC Tony would talk to folks off-line and verify if they had a connection or not. I have not seen that in several years though. I don't like the idea of a blue check mark for this board. Seems inappropriate for a fan message board.
  10. You could be right about the kakes situation. Based on my experience and given the fact that they had a four year agreement in principle (IIRC) and it got shortened to 3 years based on the neck needing surgery, that screams PA to me. But, as I said, you certainly could be correct. I agree that they did a lot of "hoping" for the 2015 season and less "planning."
  11. Do "we" even know if this was Dan's decision. It was based on the medicals IIRC and that at least suggests that it was the medical staff and PA that limited the deal to three years. I don't recall if anything definitive came put about who actually made that decision.
  12. This fixation on DD's age "Old as dirt" is disgusting! I am surprised a mod hasn't chimed in.
  13. I'm all for an "old" guy from a "Little Ivy" school who has a vast amount of experience is a two time "Executive of the Year." Not all young GM's have worked out. I like as a whole the job DD has done, given the restrictions he's had. We have certainly had much worse of the years! The devil you know.... kind of thing.
  14. Maybe, he was absolutely abysmal when he played it for a short time. IIRC he did nothing well. He didn't field the ball well, was horrid at charging the ball and he's throwing was very erratic. That's why it only lasted 14 games.
  15. I disagree. Buck is not a bad manager (IMHO) sure he's made mistakes but, he's been here for eight years so there is bound to be mistakes. Ubaldo over ZB in the WC game clearly was a disaster that everyone saw coming but, overall I think he's been a very good manager for the O's.
  16. This was exactly my thoughts when I first opened this thread.
  17. The Cardinals are my second favorite team. Would like to see the Indians win the WS (if the Cards can't) and I'd root for Kakes if they make the playoffs. I dislike the Nats and all the people that were "Os" fans until the Nats popped up. I worked for the Nats (ran the youth camps) for a summer and the Org is really top notch. Very organized and treated us and the kids very well. Their former S&C Coach (John Philbin) is a friend of mine so, I used to hope they did well when he was there. Unfortunately, he's now with the evil empire so ....FWIW, Anthony Rendon is not a good dude.
  18. Waaaaaaaaay to many threads/posts about how lame the Org is. Waste of time...
  19. I am wondering if DD and Buck don't have contracts to all the sons to set up the FO the way they want. This could have been the plan all along. I am wondering if they have made the decision to bring back DD in a higher role such as President? He seemed very invested in the future while describing the changes. I am not sure why (unless instructed to do so) he would offer all the info he did if he is gone at the end of the year. He has always struck me as an innovative guy who wants to use analytics more and he certainly is a guy who believes in the international market. Maybe the promote him and bring in a GM. Also, I think Brady can be very helpful to the club, given the right parameters. He is one of the few forward thinkers in the organization and has done a good job (IMHO) in the training and nutrition areas. I was very encouraged to hear what DD had to say in Roch's blog.
  20. I really don't care how the Astros owner feels. If there is a problem with medicals, there is a problem with the medicals. I want the team to be careful when making decisions on players. We can't absorb mistakes.
  21. This is completely wrong in my opinion. I don't think teams avoid dealing with our FO. If we are a match they deal. There is no GM worth their salt that will not try to make a deal with any team if its the best deal. Way over blown and hyped IMHO
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