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  1. Well this season has certainly not been predictable.
  2. I remember him leaving the team last year while they were in KC to see his dad. I had assumed this was likely the reason he left the team again. Wonderful from a baseball standpoint that he was able to see John make the All Star game last year.
  3. So they should have known that going into the season they wouldn’t need him? Especially with the SP issues in 13? Biggest mistakes of that era was the Rick Adair issue and major mishandling of Arrieta.
  4. Regardless of how we all feel I would hope Elias’ decision is not based on wanting to see more of the Dwight Smith’s of the world. I would hope it is all about what they think is best for him and not who is above him.
  5. At the end of the day I will readily admit that having Mountcastle here would make the current team a little more watchable. That definitely impacts my opinion and it’s not a lack of trust in Elias but at some point a 23 year old who has had 5 years of pro ball needs a chance to play.
  6. Say he does struggle. They can’t send him back down? I know ideally you don’t want to bounce a player back and forth but we don’t have a AAA season to grow from if he did indeed need more seasoning.
  7. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/instagraphs/changes-in-war-and-playing-time-based-on-age-since-1980/ Not sure if someone here posted this last year or I found it elsewhere. Free Agency also didn’t exist until mid 70’s so years ago a great player was on a team for life if the team wanted to keep them.
  8. Would think this is directly related to the lack of WAR relative to older position players. Bad teams run their course and trade off whatever assets they have left to better teams, especially starting pitchers. They start over. If this trend of player production continues we should see a wider variety of teams cycling in and out of contention over the upcoming decade. Those players who are good now will age at some point as well.
  9. I don’t think they will have any issues getting a top 3/4 pick. I also think things don’t have to be as ugly as the last 4 games for that to happen. We can play better teams and play them better and still lose.
  10. Was a good article. Meoli will be the next Sun writer to move on to bigger and better things at some point. I still want to see him up here.... That said unless the coaches were just doing PR for the Orioles doesn’t sound like he is struggling.
  11. If they are carrying 3 catchers it’s very easy to play both Sisco and Severino.
  12. And if it is, it’s not going to get better in Bowie. No better way to experience LF than playing it at MLB level on a non contender.
  13. I keep hoping by September some of these guys will be here. They have to make 40 man decisions on some of these guys anyway.
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