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  1. All things considered a productive season and looking forward to next year.
  2. I am looking forward to the playoffs this year. AL should be real good.
  3. It just ticks me off if Boston is ahead of us.
  4. I agree. He was a little deliberate but play needs to be made.
  5. I admit I am same way. Really let’s be honest. Root for the guys who have a chance to be here long term. Mountcastle, Means and Hays. That said like I said watch them not use only this years record....
  6. At bat app says fielders choice only. That is an error. This isn’t Little League.
  7. Why is Bordick getting on Scott? The throw was there. I guess he could have been quicker.
  8. Watch MLB go ahead and still use some combo of 2019-20 for the draft after all.
  9. Severino makes no attempt to even try and frame.
  10. These games vs Toronto have been annoying this year. Would be painful if we were a contender.
  11. I’m split on the baseballs. No doubt they are juiced but with state of the game without that runs would be at a minimum.
  12. Really hope Iglesias is healthier next year.
  13. Some more interesting outfield defense back to back plays.
  14. That pitch was not close.
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