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  1. We wore that hat from 89-97. Had losing seasons in 90 and 91 also.
  2. spoiler alert-I think I have found the new hat logo. http://www.neweracap.com/nshop/product.php?view=detail&productid=NE-PERFACBALHM77&startColor=blackorange&hatGroup=71&hatFit=&groupName=MenMLB&searchBy=group&prevHatGroup=&prevHatFit=&resetDropDown=hatFit I figured I would check out new era's website since they make the official hats. They have a new batting practice hat on the Orioles main page as well. I am looking foward to the uniforms, but if the new bird logo does not impress me much. They haven't updated the road hat yet, I am guessing the same logo as the home hat.
  3. Very interesting. I hope they didn't tweak the old logo too much, I love the cartoon bird.
  4. Where's your proof? You don't think he was being looked at everyday by the organization in the minors? You think if he couldn't play CF then that now he can? Payton has played great CF recently. He busted his butt last week in a game that we were getting drilled in.
  5. Trembley is a fool. I mean I who does he think he is? I doubt the organization even watched Montanez play this year. I bet the coaches spit sunflower seeds, shot T-shirts into the stands and helped the ground crew rake the infield. After the game they looked on the internet to see what the players stats were to make out the lineup for the next day. A player doesn't get better because he changes his address. Your skill set doesn't change. The veteran players who get ripped are all performing pretty well. The only one likely not to be here next year is Millar. Montanez is a guy who would get a look as a 4th outfielder. Him playing more this year doesn't change that. This team has battled their butts off and now you want those same guys to sit for a career minor leaguer. If Montanez plays 4-5 times a week does that mean people want him to play everyday next year?
  6. How do you know if they are ready? Olson has struggled in my book. He has been given tons of run support and can't go 5 innings half the time, that's not being a big leaguer. I have no problem with him here now because he is the best we have. He has pitched a little better of late and hopefully it will continue. Hoey was said to have confidence problems before he was called up last year which he admitted to after a rough outing last year. Liz was here only because of desperation. I haven't seen Lou play, players should get promoted to the big league level if they can handle it, that's all.
  7. You want to see players at this level that are in YOUR best interests. The Orioles want players here that are in the teams or individual players best interests. Matt Weiters is the future catcher of the team whether he is here on August 5th, 2008 or not. It's not like he is going away. I personally see no point in calling a pitcher (Bergesen) straight out of Double A unless he can handle it. This is the big boys league. You act like if a player isn't on the current MLB roster it is an organizational indictment of them. There are all valid reasons they are not here. Reimold is playing everyday on a competitive team, he is not hurting not being here. The future isn't going anywhere, the players who are apart of the future will be apart of the future when it's time. The future isn't present tense.
  8. The Orioles know him that's my point. When are people going to start trusting the organization. I have nothing against the guy. What players have we not brought up in recent years that have amounted to a hill of beans. Every player they have been hesistant about has come to fruition. Liz, Olson, Hoey etc. I certainly can't predict the future. Calling up a player because he is 26 years old doesn't accomplish anything if he can't play. Double A isn't the big leagues. What matters is who is here Opening Day 2009.
  9. I wouldn't play GM bringing guys up to the big league level because I saw what their stat sheet said and because they were young. If Montanez knocked on everyone's door who is apart of the Hangout unless he was in uniform how many people would even know who he is? If the Orioles play him everyday or they use him as a 4th outfielder both are fine with me. They know him, I don't. They judge him on a daily basis. Every year around here people overreact to what happens in August and September. Last year because Knott, House and Penn weren't here the place was in an uproar. All three this year are at AAA. Tonight is one game that's all. If Montanez is viewed in high esteem by the team then play him everyday, if he isn't then use him as a 4th outfielder which would be his role at the big league level anyway. And no 50 games isn't going to change him at all. He is who he is.
  10. When did I say he wasn't going to get AB's? Jay Payton isn't blocking anyone the Orioles want up here now to play.
  11. I'm very sane. I don't fall for the yearly rants of how we block future players of our organization. If Dave plays Montanez everyday so be it. Is Adam Jones' retiring? Next year he will start in CF and Nick in RF. We will have a spot open for the fourth OF spot. If Scott gets moved to DH do you think Montanez is starting in LF? 50 games at this level isn't going to change who he is.
  12. Not ridiculous at all. The guy was mediocre against AAA pitching. Trembley is trying to win that's all. Everytime a player from AA and AAA does anything they immediately become a part of the future.
  13. Why in the world do think Montanez has a future with this team? A career minor leaguer who hits Double A pitching is going to be a starting player in the AL East? At best he would be a 4th outfielder, at best. You act like he is the second coming of Nick Markakis.
  14. Weiters never called one game in college, his manager did. Jim Palmer and Rick Dempsey complain constantly about how Ramon calls a game, I guess Weiters learning in the minors is a waste. How many games does college play 50-60? Let's rush him up here play him everyday and ask him to hit major league pitching while learning on the job playing day after day. Heaven forbid if we actually put players in a position to succeed. Let's call a kid right up from college to show what? Does anyone actually believe that the Orioles not promoting him to play right now means they don't believe in him. The whole point of the minors is too learn how to play the game the right way-not put up stats. Why on earth does the minors have a coaching staff for if they are not there to teach the players how to play? Player after player raved about how Cal Ripken Sr taught players how to play the game, they were ready for the majors once they got there. If they call up Matt later on or not I have total trust that the organization knows what they are doing.
  15. I can't say what you are saying doesn't have some merit but the bottom line is we had a 3 run lead with our 2 big guys ready and they didn't do the job. It's not like Trembley asked somebody to do something they are not capable of. We are playing losing baseball right now and no matter what Trembley does it probably won't work.
  16. I don't agree with you though on your thoughts about managers. It's the players not the manager. I also have no problem with defined roles. Managers can only do so much.
  17. It feels like the final week of the Perlozzo era. The final ending has already been written it's just a matter of how the script plays out. At no time tonight did I feel confident. I kept thinking about the free first run we gave them and the play that Eckstein made to save a run. When Johnson let up 2 runs I thought for sure we would lose.
  18. I agree with everything. I could see trading Huff under the right circumstances for sure but the thing I want is an upgrade to the rotation. I know quality pitchers don't grow on trees but I am sick and tired of seeing guys throw 100 pitches by the 5th inning. Even in games with comfortable leads Olson and Liz have problems. I am not giving up on these guys but it isn't acceptable major league pitching. Burres is a borderline starting pitcher in the big leagues at best. There is no need to rush up the other young arms we have either. The signing of Trachsel didn't work but the logic behind it made sense then and it still does now. Just because pitchers are young and might have upside doesn't mean they are major leaguers.
  19. I bet that most if not all managers in baseball think a 4 run lead is not mop up duty. You have to win the games you are winning and not play around. I think Trembley made the right moves last night.
  20. Scott would of been facing a lefty as well.
  21. Samuel was wrong but it is still bad baseball instincts on Jones. He had to realize that was an infield hit there, no reason to round the base, it was a Mora type play.
  22. I swear I was yelling at the TV right before Cabrera picked up the ball to stay at the base. Terrible.
  23. I understand Palmer's point but he should shut up. The umpire shoudn't have rabbit ears from a player from the dugout.
  24. I think Johnson is in the game as long as it is tied, if we take the lead of course Sherrill. Let's get some runs here. They could always bring someone else up from the minors for one start as well.
  25. Albers? Or Trax or Burres on three days.
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