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  1. Was wondering this myself. One of my biggest problems with the Scott Garceau and the analysts this year is a failure to recognize these kinds of situations. I understand that they aren't at the games and the situation is challenging but they are seeing and being given more information than the viewer is and yet we notice things that they don't.
  2. I think many people who have been on this site for years have some conflicted feelings about whether or not to stay and if they want to use their potentially last post as an opportunity to express their reasoning or even blow off some steam then who are you to judge them for that, especially when the front page of this "non-political" site and it's sudden closing, with no regard to the community, and re-opening was used in a similar way that you are judging the poster for.
  3. Says no autographs at the Happy Hours, are they going to have a Q&A or what? Do I get to get drunk with Eddie Murray?
  4. No disagreement, but that wasn't the major point of my post. It's not direct causation. I wouldn't care if we had an operating budget of $125 million or $1 billion. If we were at our maximum budget and Elias said I can pay BJ Surhoff to come to Spring Training and try and help Trey Mancini become a better outfielder and then he goes home or for the same money I can hire twenty other scouts and analysts that don't have the prestige of a former All-Star but are constantly working to find or develop better players then I'm going to let Surhoff go.
  5. I saw that Sabathia was getting paid $250,000 by the Yankees to be a consultant and also do some stuff on YES. Thought that was pretty ridiculous for a guy who's never been in a front office before but it's the Yankees so whatever. But if I am Mike Elias and we're paying old players, that I have no connection to, to show up in spring training I'm going to let that contract expire and bring in my guys that I know fit into my system and aren't doing their own thing. As a fan seeing Elias fire one of my favorite players from back in the day didn't feel me with the warm and fuzzies but I am sure he felt like he had good reason to and if cutting Surhoff's salary (which I am sure wasn't close to $250,000) enables them to hire up and coming talent like @Luke-OH and others like him then that's the best move for the franchise.
  6. Besides Surhoff, were there others? I'm hopeful things are different here but my ears are definitely perked.
  7. Response to the bolded part. There are a lot of people who have harsh feelings towards Cal Ripken, the most famous and arguably most accomplished Oriole ever, for his "Sorry Brooksie" comment in the 2012 Wild Card game. I would suspect if it's possible that some fans turned on the all-time face of the franchise savior of baseball folk hero, that there will always be people who resent the overpaid first baseman who got himself suspended during the team's best run in almost twenty years and whose effort and work ethic was at times questionable. Saying that, unless we can unleash the Cespedes boar, this could be the best chance to get him off the team and the charitable aspect would be very cool.
  8. I want the Orioles to be in on guys like these but oftentimes when we talk about international guys there is this sort of "line in the Sand" that can be a little ridiculous. Most posters have just learned about this guy yesterday but now if we don't sign him it's an indication that we aren't all in on International Spending or that Elias doesn't have complete control. And maybe those things are true, but if this guy is as talented as we hope, it's also possible that one of the other 29 teams trying to get better, who theoretically have more international operations in place or are places that he feels would be a better fit for him, get him over us. Doesn't mean we didn't do our due diligence, just means we didn't get him.
  9. What happens if he becomes eligible during this signing period but doesn't like the offers? Would he be ineligible in the next period or would he be able to try again when teams have more slots?
  10. My thoughts exactly. Let's hurry up and sign this guy before MLB executives read this post and learn how good he is.
  11. I've been thinking about the Orioles past decade which started and ended with some atrocious play on the field but had a successful and fun run sandwiched into between those rotten bookends. In total we won 755 games and lost 865 for a combined .466 winning percentage. That record was better than the previous decade with 698-920/.431 marks. Other than those two decades every other FULL ten-year period has seen the Orioles win more than they lost (the 70's teams were most successful going 944-656/.590). We have little clue as to the complete roster of the 2020 team (other than bad) and even less so when predicting the 2029 team (please God be good) but I am curious if the board is optimistic that we will win more than the 755 victories of the aughts or if a prolonged rebuild will make the 20's record even worse. Thought this might be a fun little poll, and would love to hear everyone's thoughts. Maybe we could even look back on it ten years from now, with a WS banner or two. Note: We are talking regular season games, could see scenarios where we win less than 755 but championships make the decade seem more successful.
  12. I'll give it a go. I don't know if they are all especially bad as opposed to not consistently good but they did for within the parameters of the OP. I'm confident that this team could more than hold their own against the currently constructed team, which is pretty sad. Would definitely take my team's rotation over today's. C Sal Fasano (GOAT, the mustache not the skills) 1b Mark Reynolds (the memes, the toe, the power) 2b Billy Ripken (the little Ripken that couldn't, greaat commentator though) 3B Ryan Flaherty (he gave it his all on some good teams) SS Richie Martin (very likeable and his skill set is fun if not good) LF Luke Scott (shared the same name and love the Luuuuuuke chant) CF Luis Matos (always seemed like he was on the verge of being good, the flashes were fun) RF Corey Patterson (liked his speed and defense, probably should be in CF but not like this team is competing for the playoffs) DH Pedro Alvarez (1x All Star appearance with the Pirates, don't get the warm fuzziest when I think of him but that first year with us felt like he did some damage) Utility Robert Andino (2011 game 162) OF David Newhan (remember the Homer in his first game and the inside the Parker in Boston, was fun while it lasted) OF He who shall not be named (Lew Ford) C Caleb Joseph (very likeable, funny moments and quotes, seemed like a solid leader for someone without much talent) P Jeremy Guthrie (what a breath of fresh air in comparison to all the other junk we were throwing out there) P Miguel Gonzalez (ice water in his veins when on the mound but super friendly off of it, have a hard time putting him on list of "bad" players because he was very effective for us) P Daniel Cabrera (in an alternate reality he became the best pitcher in baseball) P Brad Bergensen (F'n MASN) P Rodrigo Lopez (the kid version of me thought he was going to be a star) RP Buddy Groom (was old but effective) RP Chris Ray (wish things would have worked out differently for him too) RP Steve Johnson (the lineage of "bad" but likeable player is kind of cool) RP David Hernandez RP Tommy Hunter (my first image of him is when MASN cut to him when they were celebrating the 2016 wild card berth and he started cursing, funny stuff) RP Dennis Sarfarte (when Gary Thorne is on PBP) RP Travis Driskill (liked that he wore glasses on the mound)
  13. Do you think part of the reason there were more games missed in the second half of the decade was because of the shorter DL/IL requirements? Teams might have been more likely to stick a guy on the IL since they wouldn't lose them for as long I can't remember when the ten day and 7 day DL/IL was put into effect. Note: Looked it up and the 10 day DL came into effect in 2017 but the 7 day DL has been around since 2011.
  14. Thanks for the research, very much appreciated. This might be explained earlier in the decade long post but are the totals based on time spent on the DL/IL or total games missed due to injury even if a IL stint wasn't required?
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