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  1. And a new (slightly, not massively) larger one can still fit the architecture of the stadium.... you get rid of those static ad panels on the scoreboard and make that bottom board longer and it still fits on that same overall structure. Its just like what the Angels did
  2. Well, the other thing with the video boards are that they are 2009 technology. Too low resolution, grainy, for what they should be at this point in time, now over a decade later
  3. Orioles have the SMALLEST video scoreboard in MLB... and this article and graphic is from 2016 (!!!!) and it was the smallest then, six seasons ago https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-baseball-video-boards-htmlstory.html (so be sure to toggle to the "View boards in order of SIZE" button and ignore the 'installed by year button' info it provides, as alot of the boards added after the Orioles one from 2009 have been replaced since this 2016 article/graphic (i.e. the Angels now have a newer one that is massive).
  4. You are right, as long as you sell it in the few weeks right after its given out. You see what some of the Orioles bobbleheads from the last few years are worth now (what they sell for)? Many of them sell now for $5 if you're lucky to find someone that will even buy them. I see posts all the time on Facebook of people selling the Orioles giveaway bobbleheads from the last few years for $1-$5 a piece. Remember how hot those statues were when they first came out? Pretty hard to sell now, and they're under $20 if you're lucky to find someone interested.
  5. 1.2 followers million on Facebook. 786k on Twitter. These numbers might be high (alot of baseball fans/media not necessarily fans of the Orioles follow the team on social media).... or they might be low (not everyone that is a 'fan' is going to follow them on FB, but when these high/low even out, its probably not too far off, so I really doubt its "millions". If you somewhat 'care' about the Orioles, you're probably going to click the old 'like' on FB
  6. This offer gets the pricing down to where it should be currently. The high reaches of LF Upper Deck are worth $9
  7. Scott is indeed the nicest of people. Super nice guy, which I think makes it harder for all of us to criticize him. Pressbox tried to make that same argument as some others have made regarding calling games on a monitor and that affecting Scott, basically harping on calling a game off a monitor and trying to say that was his issue. But of course, PressBox completely ignored the fact that only 50% of games are on the road where he's using the monitor, and the other 50% are home games where he's seeing the game live in front of him..... and no matter home game or away game on the moni
  8. My opinions match yours. Melanie is awful as a play by play or color announcer. But my other opinion is that Geoff Arnold is even worse. And put the two of them together, and hooo boy, is that bad radio.
  9. He also was a part owner of a local strip club. Don't remember which one, but I always remembered that about him
  10. Absolutely. That's the whole other wrinkle that there are many less households that get MASN than years ago, thus less carriage fees than in the 2000s when MASN started. But still, and RSN is key, and why MASN wants to have all of the broadcasts on the RSN and not on an over-the-air station
  11. No way. The value of all of it for MASN (aka the Orioles) is to have the cable network and sell the 'carriage' to the cable and satellite companies for the monthly carriage fee PER SUBSCRIBER. EXAMPLE -- Let's say you have Comcast and 20 of the other 23 houses in your neighborhood (in MD, DC, VA, NC, DE, WV, southcentral PA) have Comcast, and the other three houses have DirectTV. But of the 24 total houses in your neighbhorhood, only 5 of the 24 houses ever turn on MASN in a given month --- well, it doesn't matter because every Comcast household, every DirectTV household, etc, that service
  12. Sounds like YES Network and NESN. Both of those networks actually TRY and put a slew of quality programs on them. MASN/Orioles put no effort into MASN at all. Prior posts mentioned it all --- all the way down to that they haven't changed the music or graphics in over a decade. Its all just a front to grab all of the carriage fees from the cable networks, which is what the ultimate value in a RSN is. As a team, you own your rights and can do what you want with them, so why not hold onto them and have that control so you can actually have your own network and get those carriage fe
  13. The whole "mobile ticket only" thing for covid reasons is quite the lie by the Orioles. The dirtiest thing (other than a hotel TV remote) is each person's cell phone. The irony is that a printed up season ticket or game ticket from the box office that is ONE TIME USE is 1000% more sanitary than someone's cell phone that they're touching all day, including when on the toilet. Crazy that the Orioles think fans are dumb
  14. Do we know that the Orioles are going to continue allowing print-at-home tickets? The Ravens do not allow print-at-home tickets at all anymore. Can only use the app. Also, the whole thing about mobile-only tickets for covid reasons is big-time BS. The dirtiest thing (other than a hotel TV remote) is each person's cell phone. The irony is that a printed up season ticket or game ticket from the box office that is ONE TIME USE is 1000% more sanitary than someone's cell phone that they're touching all day, including when on the toilet. This is the Orioles A) saving hundreds of tho
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