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  1. Agree 100% and unless I start moving up tee boxes (not QUITE @ AARP level yet), I don't expect to return to the glory of my mid-30's hahaha... I still have my "keeper" scorecards signed by my playing partner. AH THE GLORY DAYS, SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Very occasionally I'll hit a few into the woods off of my mat, but you know... things erode. My swing is like an octopus falling out of a tree.
  3. MY MAN. Those first two questions are mutually exclusive, unfortunately. There are TWO little ones now, so my golf horizon is still dark. I haven't played in probably two years.
  4. Doesn't look too good based on what I see.... hopefully it blows through sooner but it almost definitely won't start on time.
  5. I'm just grateful that I got to witness that performance yesterday. He was outstanding hitting his spots with his fastball. He did groove one in the 9th against the 2nd guy, who swung and missed. 92mph middle/middle - it was one of the few misses I saw him have with his fastball all day.
  6. Means doesn't pitch in the right market. Plus, to your point, he's got like 25 more starts God willing. Not to be a wet blanket or anything...
  7. I'm not Jim Palmer. Bedard had better breaking stuff, Means better changeup, similar fastballs.
  8. Not to diminish Means, I think he's fantastic. Legitimately. But this is more of a commentary of the organization's inability to develop pitching more than anything. At least I would think.
  9. It can be a little of both, but I think for most people this is a who cares. All due respect to what's his name and what's her name...
  10. He just looks completely uncomfortable out there.
  11. They must have Dish Network...
  12. Precisely my thoughts on every single one of these people.
  13. Pssssssssht, that's golfing weather... my kid is super pissed. He has no concept of rainouts. Similarly, I have no concept of non-rain rainouts.
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