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  1. Sure, and that I get. As I stated earlier, IF you can get equally good coaches for less money, why not do so? That just makes sense. But to tell a GOOD coach that they are being replaced by an inferior coach to save some cash, that's not right. Maybe some of these veteran coaches were looked at as extraneous as you could get just as good, if not better, coaches for cheaper. That's certainly possible, and frankly is probably a smart thing to do. After all, if you can get a similar player for the MLB team for less money, that should be done too, provided the production etc is the same. Bu
  2. Thanks for sharing, some great and interesting info.
  3. Downvote all you want! Considering the source, I may consider that a badge of honor. 🙂 Anyway, yeah, 2 coaches claimed they were being let go due to money concerns. Doesn't change what I said, we just have an extra ex-employee who is making a similar claim. Doesn't change the fact that it may, or may not, have been accurate. The team may have even told them it was over money to save face, but that doesn't mean it was true. Connolly has the quotes, they are legitimate and he is completely right to write the story. But that doesn't make the quotes the truth, and the fact he used them doe
  4. Ever had an ex lie about you because their feelings were hurt? Or make up stories to make themselves look better after a breakup? I'm not saying that's what happened here, but I've seen such behavior enough in both my personal and professional life to take what an ex-employee says with at least a partial grain of salt. Plus the Orioles may simply not have wanted to drag the man through the mud, or getting into a urinating contest with him over the reasons why. If he is lying I wouldn't expect the Os to come out and 'set the record straight' necessarily. Of course I don't want what h
  5. Nope, my downvote was for you stating something that was untrue, i.e. the team admitted to firing the coach due to money. The only 'proof' we have is the statement from the ex-coach. Maybe he was lying. Maybe the team told him it was over money issues when reality he sucked, but they didn't want to say that to his face. I don't know. But I'm not going to take one example where in other areas I see them spending considerable money (draft, starting to finally spend internationally, building facilities in DR, investing in technology, etc) when it comes to getting and training young talent.
  6. I never said it was ridiculous. I would have said it is far fetched and viewing things in the worse possible light, but not completely outside of the realm of possibility, so perhaps not ridiculous. I simply don't buy that they are spending millions of dollars drafting these players to then worry about a couple 1000 or even 10000s of dollars when it comes to getting coaches who can then develop said players. Sure, if you can get just as good of a coach at a better price, go for it...that's smart business. But to act like they are going to get the bottom tier of coaches because that's all t
  7. They admitted nothing. It was the coach who CLAIMED he was let go due to money concerns. Maybe it's true, and they are pinching every penny. Maybe they told him that instead of telling him he sucks and they are going a better direction. Maybe it was sour grapes on his part and money was never mentioned. We don't know. We know what the ex-employee said, but taking it as gospel truth is a stretch IMO.
  8. Man, that's a tough question. On the one hand I love the idea of locking up our young talent so they can be cornerstones for a long while. On the other hand if we miss we don't have the financial resources to absorb the hit as easily as some other franchises. And catcher is such a volatile position and the whole MW situation has many O's fans a bit gun shy. All that said I probably do it if he's willing to sign for reasonable terms.
  9. Going to disagree here. Thanks to MLB.TV I was able to catch probably 85% of the games this year, and other than Palmer and McDonald, the rest are poor at best, with Newman and Garceau being bad. I'm hoping there are some changes next year, but I kinda doubt it.
  10. Nope, no trolling. He's just a master at dropping, or almost dropping, balls that hit him right in the glove. He's terrible with a glove, and he was trying too hard to prove it. If he wasn't one of the top hitters at his position, I'd have to question why we keep someone so poor at catching on the MLB roster....and to think there are some here that think he's worth 3.5M to keep around as a backup next year. Puke.
  11. "Severino 3m Backup catcher for 50 games. I am resting Adley" No to Severino at 3m, 300k or 3k. Get him off the roster, period. The rest doesn't look too bad, though I honestly don't know if they are going to spend money on pitching with as much depth as we have in the minors. Granted, much of that depth isn't very good depth, but there are a ton of bodies. I'd love to see a decent starter to go with Means and give us at least the hope of being in 2/5ths of the games from a pitching standpoint.
  12. Was like he was throwing BP out there tonight. Pitiful.
  13. Nope. He pitches well, gave up 2 runs, then Scott came in and had given up 3 more so far. Very disappointing.
  14. Am I the only one who questions bringing in Stewart to pinch hit for Mateo here?
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