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  1. I personally prefer a Paul Bako or Sal Fasano type backup catcher. One who can really provide some muscle in a dugout-clearing brawl.
  2. Are they still annoyed at him for going to arbitration over $300,000 after a year where he had 0 RBIs?
  3. OK, no one is saying or thinking this. I think pretty much everyone here believes in people having second, third, or fourth chances. Everyone hopes he can turn his life around. But, Russell's ex-wife has went on record. Plenty of details about him drunkenly ripping their baby out of her arms, slamming her into concrete, and other abuse. If the O's were to sign him, I think I'd personally pass on supporting the team. It wouldn't sit right with me. I don't really look to Brandon Hyde's thoughts on the matter to be my moral compass. But, you're certainly entitled to do what sits right with y
  4. Major League Baseball is an entertainment product. People don't want to root for someone who is connected to beating up their wife. Like atomic said, domestic violence is a sensitive issue because so many people have been impacted by it - and it leaves scars physically and emotionally. For too long, domestic violence was swept under the rug and not given the seriousness it deserves. For years, men who beat up women have been protected by the typical takes we always hear: "we don't know all the facts" or "women exaggerate" or "what did she do to start it." It's absolutely ridiculous. Peopl
  5. I'd assume out-of-market describes people who get MASN via a satellite or cable provider outside a subscription package. They're paying for it a-la-carte because they personally want to watch it. They're likely a diehard fan who moved out of town. It makes sense to me that the in-market numbers have went down more, because MASN is a part of the higher-tier packages that Comcast or Verizon offer. There's probably a lot of people who had MASN previously who didn't even watch it, it was just part of the package they purchased from their cable provider. As cord-cutting has increased, tha
  6. The Marlins have invested heavily in analytics since the change in ownership. Do a quick Google search and you'll find articles describing what they've done. I think pretty much every team has a sizable analytics department now. The Orioles were just one of the last holdouts unfortunately - do to a number of reasons.
  7. YES was paying the Yankees about $85M before they sold to Fox, so that's actually not too shabby for a much smaller market.
  8. Great work, Frobby. Really appreciate the time you've spent explaining a very complicated issue in a very understandable way.
  9. Yes, I have. I'm not really sure what you mean here, weams. Are you comparing Houston's size to Baltimore's?
  10. I really resist the notion that the only alternative is what the O's did from 1998-2011. Those were just really poorly operated teams with a lot of people in roles they shouldn't have been in to begin with. There's plenty of different rebuild strategies besides Astroball-tear-it-down-to-the-studs.
  11. I get what you're saying, but I think the entire reason people are on board with Elias' plan is that they expect Astros-level success: World Championship and deep playoff appearances.
  12. He's always struggled at getting on base. Not great with the glove. I'm not a big Franco fan.
  13. I'd hope they'd take a look at Jimmy Nelson, Taijuan Walker, and Aaron Sanchez. They'll probably end up outside their price range, though. Jose Peraza is intriguing. He was pretty bad last year, but he's only a year removed from solid year. There were actually a lot of solid players let go yesterday, but I have the feeling that most of them will get offers outside of what the Orioles are willing to do.
  14. I think we all need to stop acting like going to an Ivy League school makes someone have super powers. First and foremost, it just means that your family has enough money for you to go to a really expensive school.
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