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  1. How to stop the ball. With glove or body.
  2. Lol. Roch’s latest post of mailbag. Keep the roster how it is, don’t spend money, and don’t question Hyde. Lol. What a joke.
  3. Yup. They definitely were the problem with this team 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  4. I don’t think anyone questions how hard Tony works? I think the point of the threads is just average joes wish list of questions.
  5. If the team wanted to win they would do that and go after one of the premium SS.
  6. No, I don’t think they will do that. But that would be the only change to the current team for 2022.
  7. Sorry yea Mateo. And to be honest I forgot means.
  8. 1st base/dh ~ mountcaste/Mancini 2nd -Mateo ss-urius 3rd-Gutierrez c-Adley after 1st month lf-hays cf-mullins rf-Santander pitching-Zimmermann, Akins, grod, vet on 1 year deal , means bullpen- god knows im not saying this is what I want the team to look like! I’m just saying what is realistic
  9. Seen it. Done it. We don’t need to bring big 3/4 starter and call them an Ace that’s foolish. Either the Os scrape this plan of rebuilding or they look to spend some actual money or trade away capital for a top line starter. I’m actually not believing that the current regime will not sign any FA of any significance and not trade away star prospects for a real Ace.
  10. Can this be moved to the MLB section?
  11. Shoot both but really the warming up. Ramping them up and shutting down. That could mean the pitched in more than 4 out of 5 days.
  12. Right because numbers mater more than the naked eye.
  13. Tate and Sulser is worse but wells coming off injuries is just as bad. Also the amount of time he warms pitchers up without putting him into games. I’m not arguing that the bullpen doesn’t have a lot of arms but he over uses arms.
  14. Hyde’s over use of some members of the bullpen is criminal.
  15. Mountcastles homerun derby pitcher next year.
  16. Small sample size. What does the last month hurt running him out there. Evaluating is what should be done now,or at least that’s why Elis and Hyde say it is. If he sucks then cut bait on him. But sending him to the minors doesn’t make sense
  17. I guess so, this does make the most sense.
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