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  1. Martin. At least till Galvis gets back.
  2. What type of play was that Stewart?!!?
  3. Ump not calling the low strikes for Os but Yanks are getting that call.
  4. Another 3 inning start. Just not going to cut it.
  5. This is a learning experience?!? 3 inning starts just will not cut it. Akin finger needs to heal up.
  6. Don’t want to see Ruiz. Not sure who else can play 3rd.
  7. Kinda would want Jones up here. Or Martin.
  8. Just thinking of Hyde’s comments of pressing
  9. Might help get confidence back then come back.
  10. Nothing I like his approach. But the outfield is over crowded. He could DH. Maybe Mancini to dl? Heck I really don’t know.
  11. Try new 2nd base. Send down both Ruiz and Uriah heck send out both catchers. Heck send down Stewart and mountcastle to try to get things right bring up others at this point who cares treat this like spring training.
  12. I can see a lot of moves up and down to skip starts.
  13. Our rookies were not able to build innings in the minors or majors last year. It’s going to be interesting in the summer and end of the year.
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