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  1. I'm listening to WEEI in Boston area now. One caller literally said, "I wouldn't let that happen if I was there - therefore, it didn't happen." The majority of the hosts agreed with her and cast major doubt on Adam Jones' character. Makes me sick. I agree this is not all Red Sox fans, as I know some good Sox fans, but the attitude is awful. I hope it lights a fire under our team but this should never happen. I hope the Fenway staff roots this out.
  2. I just don't understand why a team would hate to give an opt-out clause. Wouldn't the best scenario be that Davis has three great years and then leaves before becoming an albatross? It just makes no sense. The same thing goes for any player (ie David Price).
  3. Does anyone know when the 2015 Competitive Draft Lottery is held? I can't seem to find when it is although the past lotteries seem to have been held in the third week of July. The O's could definitely use that pick as a trade chip like last year. Does anyone know what our chances would be of winning a pick? I know it's based on the previous year's record right?
  4. Agree with all of these. The Teagarden walk-off sticks out in my mind. That's when I really started to believe.
  5. I never post here - mostly just read, but this is one of the best hidden threads I've ever seen here. Great links and articles. Especially the soccer team. It's almost unbelievable that no one is willing to break the mold in a major US sport. I suppose the football Dolphins have tried recently with their alternative formations to an extent. It seems that the craziest idea in baseball now is shifting the defense for an extreme pull hitter and then every team ends up doing the same thing for the exact same batter. Ultimately the decision to employ unusual tactics has to be a decision made
  6. If Uribe is a supposed "answer" to our SS issues then I'd rather just let Hernadez fail miserably at the plate at be done with it. Then we can get passed this whole LHernandez thing. I'm just afraid that Uribe will slow down the search for our eventual long-term solution.
  7. That was GREAT! Thanks for the laugh. I'm not a Pirates fan, but I think all of us O's fans can heartily agree with much of it.
  8. This is my first post here after a long time of browsing the board. Life-long Orioles fan since mid-80's. Love the OH! I like this deal. Of course if you can get an A+ prospect you do, but at this point we get a potential corner OF who doesn't hurt us offensively or defensively. Plus more pitching depth. Also, no one (short of Belkast) knows if any of these are to be flipped later on.
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