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  1. Come on, guys, let's talk about the real winner in Thursday's game: me.

    In fact, I think, based on this outcome, I should be batting second.:002_sbiggrin:

    Bottom line, whats a good at bat. 1: Take as many pitches as possible to wear the pitcher down; 2:Put the ball in play so as to advance the runner(s); 3:Walk; 4:Hit safely ;5: Put the ball in play so as to cause the runner(s) to score. Right now who is better equipped to do one of these things consistantly, Conine or Nick?

  2. Funny, not one of the Perlozzo/Conine supporters can give us one good reason why Conine/Millar should be getting 20 straight at bats without Nick getting one. Not one.

    Even if you subscribe to the theory that 400 at bats is fine for Markakis, no one can tell me why he should sit two straight games against mediocre right-handed pitching. Maybe this was the exact kind of pitching that gives him his first multi-hit game and watches his confidence raise?

    I agree with vtech that we'll have a better idea after 40 games, but I disagree that Perlozzo did not miss an opportunity here.

    I also disagree with the poster/(s) that says that Perlozzo's job is not to help develop Markakis. Of course it is. If Markakis is not ready to play everyday in the majors, he should be in the minors. If he's ready to play, he should see playing time against mediocre right-handed pitching everyday of the week over the likes of Conine and Millar. A few of you act like we're asking to bench Jay Gibbons or Tejada so he can play. We're saying that a 22-year old with unlimited potential should be playing over two guys in the tail end of their careers and who have no reason to be everyday players in the big leagues anymore.

    Don't get me wrong, used correctly, both Conine and Millar can be helpful to a major league club, but they should not be getting opportunities at the expense of Markakis, especially in back to back games at home against mediocre right-handed pitching.

    It seems to me that the conflict is between the guys that say we have no chance to do anything this year; play for the future and Perlozzo's position which has to be win now. How could Sam in his first year as manager say we can't win. His job is to win as many ballgame as he can. That means go with who's hot now.

  3. In the whatever its worth department, I don't see how you can say Markakis isn't getting his AB's...unless you don't want Conine on the field at all.

    Including today's game:


    Gibbons 65

    Conine 42

    Markakis 41

    Newhan 34 (on DL)

    Matos 29 (on DL)

    Patterson 24

    Looks like he's getting his swings to me.

    Nick should be getting more at bats than Conine period.!!!

  4. I agree. Markakis will learn the most by being at the plate in game situations. Conine, etc., have had that opportunity.

    Sitting Markakis two straight days is wrong. So Conine had a good day -- he can sit and contemplate it today and come back and play first tomorrow. We don't need both Millar and Conine in consecutive day lineups while Nick watches. That does nothing to improve this franchise's future.

    The O's need a number 2 hitter. Conine is producing so far. Patterson needs playing time. He's showing some progress; you have to go with that. Where do you play Markakis? So Conine could play 1b or Dh but Javey is starting to rake. So it's Markakis vs Millar until Javey, Conine, or CPat start to decline.

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