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  1. 5 hours ago, Frobby said:

    There’s nothing worse for a fan than having an awful bullpen that frequently blows games late.   So frustrating.   That said, if our bullpen was average, we’d probably be getting no better than the fourth pick next year, instead of probably getting the second pick.     That’s what I tell myself to calm down on nights like last night.   

    Would you be OK with improving the pen next year and settling for the #4 pick in 2021?

  2. 6 minutes ago, DrungoHazewood said:

    Yes.  There are essentially zero long-term downsides to going 8-15 or 6-17 instead of 10-13 the rest of the way.  Ryan Mountcastle will have gotten over not being called up by February 19th of next year.

    If not calling up Mountcastle is all it takes then fine. But deliberately trying to lose will have it's costs.


  3. 2 hours ago, DrungoHazewood said:


    It's fun to be a contrarian and point out the times when the #3 pick did as well as or better than the #1.  But odds are the #1 is going be the better player.  You always want to pick higher.  It's like asking if you'd rather have 1000 free lottery tickets or 200.  Sometimes the winner will be in the 200, but you'd never willingly pick that ahead of time.

    Are the odds so great as to be worth tanking the month?

  4. Great: article: “If they had given me just three of these baseballs back in January,” Dr. Meredith Wills is saying, “I could have told them in five minutes that home runs would go up and that pitchers would have problems. It’s that obvious.” “Well, first off you have to understand something,” Dr. Wills is saying. “Until the home run committee last year, there was no such thing as aerodynamic testing for baseballs. Now you tell me: How in the heck are you going to make a baseball with no aerodynamic testing?”https://joeposnanski.substack.com/p/juiced-baseballs-a-history

  5. 2 hours ago, Frobby said:

    In no particular order:

    1.   Trey Mancini came back strong from his poor 2018, and has put together an excellent season.   

    2.   Jonathan Villar has maxed out and been very exciting to watch.   

    3.   Hanser Alberto came out of nowhere to become a big contributor.    Six weeks ago I’d have said he was hitting an empty .300; but his OPS is almost at .800 now and he just keeps on hitting.   

    4.    Anthony Santander justified his Rule 5 selection multiple years ago and looks like a solid piece for the future.   

    5.   Pedro Severino has hit way better than anyone had the right to expect.   

    6.   John Means has gone from an afterthought to a solid starting pitcher.    

    7.   Renato Nunez has proven to be a solid major league hitter.   

    I’m going to leave it at those 7 for now, because these guys have been playing in the majors for most or all of the season.    There are some other glimmers of hope on the major league roster as well (Hunter Harvey comes to mind), and many good stories in the minors that may bear fruit in 2020-21.     But these are seven guys who have clearly exceeded my expectations at the major league level.

    Add a good fielding SS and CF who can hit 750 OPS and that's a decent starting line up.

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