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  1. Is it true Fluker still hasn't signed yet ? Could the Ravens decide to go after 3 time pro bowl right guard released by the Saints Larry Warford.?
  2. Why no edit button at the bottom. Can't correct Pro spelling in title.
  3. Just signing Fluker probably takes us out of any discussion on three time Pro Bowl right guard Warford. I'm sure Mark has an opinion about him.
  4. Saints released 3 time Pro Bowl right guard Larrry Warford today.
  5. I agree ! I like both of them. Clowney would make our defense the best in the NFL.Get it done !
  6. If he was smart when she pointed the gun he would have said you don't want to shoot me. You'll go to jail. If you leave me you will be a rich woman and the longer he makes money the better off she will be. Hopefully he said that and she reconsidered.
  7. They can still sign Matthews. Maybe this is a way to drive his price down. Anybody on the roster can be cut.
  8. section18

    Antonio Brown

    My own survey! Everybody I talk to about AB is against signing him. They actually want to start an argument about why I'm bringing it up. I'm not surprised but just a little bit even after giving him 0 tolerance. They still don't want him mostly because they are afraid of him infecting the team and locker room and mostly # 8. Interesting the first thing Bob and Vinnie are talking about this morning on 105.7. They seem okay with it with 0 tolerance and understand he has a lot of issues to resolve first. I asked my contacts if they would stop going to games if he signed and did okay and they said they would still go to games. I know he has baggage but for some reason I feel sorry for him. I guess I keep thinking about the hit against the Bengals. Maybe it's because I believe in second chances and he has probably exceeded that aspect with most. Maybe it's because I think I know Harbaugh and DeCosta well enough to know he will not be around if he screws up again. Vinnie and Bob said he would have to give up Twitter and any other social media sites he's on. I'm in total agreement with that. Another big question? How would the rest of the team feel about him joining their fraternity? I think some would be opposed to him being around them. Would he form a click with #8 and #15?
  9. Clowney is running out of options now that Seattle has bowed out. He has reportedly dropped his asking price to $17 million. Why not try to get him to sign an incentive laden deal based on sacks, QB pressures and games assuming a normal schedule? Maybe $15 million and incentives worth 2-3 million. Judon is a solid player but not worth $16 million. Clowney would be double teamed probably just based on his past.
  10. We need to release Brandon and let him find another team now. Great guy but we need to improve the pass rush and Justin M will help more than Brandon.
  11. I think Queen and Harrison would benefit from a year or two with the fiery Matthews. Also Ryan is here and he could benefit from Matthews his former teammate with Greenn Bay if he holds up. I still think they are trying to trade Judon who would free up $16 million I believe. Maybe they have a deal as I speculated with him subject to moving Judon. I like Judon but not for $16 million. He is not worth more than Calais. Can we get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Judon?
  12. Where did you hear he wants $7,000,000? I heard $4,000,000.
  13. Clay Matthews Salary Cap History Year Team Base Salary 2016 Packers $8,650,000 2017 Packers $10,100,000 2018 Packers $10,400,000 2019 Rams $3.000.000.
  14. Insurance if he doesn't start ! He'll have to change his number as Orlando Brown, Jr is 78.
  15. Seattle cut D.J. Fluker starting right guard. We can afford him. Sign him !
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