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  1. The way he's been playing I wouldn't be surprised if a part of him were looking for a lifetime ban.
  2. Maybe it's because I'm a geography dork, but I enjoy this kind of stuff a lot more than I do the regular post-season (without the O's). Go Venezuela!
  3. I took that as Boras just doing what he does best. There may be quite a bit of interest out there for Tex, but it doesn't seem like the strongest interest will be coming from New York or Boston which makes the potential of the offers getting out of the O's range less than if it were otherwise. Even Yankee fans think they're out on this one. From an article at nyyfans.net (Yankees version of OH) http://www.nyyfans.com/article/8943/ And they're not too hung up about it either. Whether MacPhail is as serious about getting Tex as a lot want him to be remains to be seen, but you have to l
  4. That about sums it up. Hopefully it will be in more ways than just sound bites.
  5. If you asked fans of opposing teams which Orioles hitter you would not want up with RISP it would be Markakis and it's probably not even close.
  6. ELC

    Seattle fires GM...

    So what does their new GM need to do to get this team back on the track towards sustained competitiveness? I think Felix has three years until FA after this season. Do you take the Oakland route and consider trading your star pitcher after this season? I can see it happening. They don't really have much else of value to trade besides Bedard, Felix, and Ichiro and I don't see them trading Ichiro unless he asks out.
  7. Been on a Thin Lizzy binge lately. Thin Lizzy Vagabonds of the Western World Fighting Jailbreak Johnny the Fox All classic albums. I love a band that can continually reinvent itself. A lot of bands claim to do this but not every band can pull it off in what feels like a genuinely natural manner and retain all the things that made them great as well. Thin Lizzy were one of those bands for their first 6 albums or so. If all you knew were their hits I'd imagine some of their early stuff would be a bit shocking. The Hero and the Madman might be the coolest psychedelic rock song ever. I
  8. Not to veer too far off topic, but that Luke Scott is pretty awesome. And I must say those Brady Anderson-lite sideburns are a good look for him.
  9. I'll go with the more far out prediction that if they don't pick Smoak they're going hard after Teixeira.
  10. Those who doubt how serious we're going to be about going after Tex just aren't thinking like business people. Right now we're staring in the face of record low attendance and we have the opportunity to turn that around instantaneously just by offering Tex whatever it takes to come here. The net profit he'll bring in will make up for whatever we have to offer; twenty million a year is nothing compared to what he could bring in regarding tickets, merchandise, ect. If this team ends up getting the kind of recognition and respect the 2006 marlins got for instance it wouldn't be difficult to im
  11. I remember saying any potential contract to Zito would be a god-awful decision back before he signed and getting neg reped for it. Apparently my arguments that his trends looked bad and that he had pitched so many innings were actually not a good thing going forward because he'd either be due for an injury or a big decline were ridiculous.
  12. It's risky, but this is what the Rays need to do to compete long term. They might not be able to afford extending their young stars for the same time period in just a couple years. At least not without leaving them in a adverse position financially to fill out the rest of the team.
  13. Oldfan, if you want to see an example of how walk rates effect performance just look at the development of Erik Bedard. BB/9:ERA 2004 4.65:4.59; 2005 3.62:4.00; 2006 3.16:3.76; 2007 2.82:3.16. We can all agree that Bedard has exceptional stuff but even he didn't find success until he developed above-average command. I think Loewen's ground ball tendencies will allow him some leeway in comparison to your average pitcher but it is still (apart from health) the key factor to whether or not he fulfills his ceiling. That said, I agree that people need to be more patient on a start-by-start basis w
  14. For whatever reason he clearly wasn't himself pitching up here. His stuff is solid but not good enough to get away with walking 28 in 32 innings. His minor league track record says he's a different pitcher than the one we saw up here so it's nothing I don't think a little more experience can work out.
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