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  1. Beats the hell out of Matt Harvey’s of the world going out there! I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and hope it lasts for a long time!
  2. This is absolutely true. Plate discipline is something this team has truly lacked for…years. And RMC’s recent ability to take a walk is extremely encouraging!!
  3. He reminds me of Felix Pie. Give him every chance to succeed;
  4. Outside my usher who is outstanding, I do not feel like they do enough for STH. We , like many have had them for many years and maybe something like a hat, or a laniard that says STH or Something, anything that thanks us for being with this team through the tough times. Maybe I’m being over dramatic, but I just don’t feel appreciated. I have the 29 game plan. I can’t tell you how many games a year, on average, I have to trade tickets in to get a give away night. I know it’s probably dumb luck, but maybe they could put the give away on nights where they 29 or or higher game
  5. Correct. It’s unclear and confusing. But the general idea is or should be to bring fans and kids in the stadium. What should they care if it’s 4 or 6 with the way attendance is. I think it cost $30? $40? Per kid. So…if that’s only 1 game…jeez… anyway, in fear it is now irrelevant.
  6. My Dear Frobby I fear the damage is done with dad. This isn’t the first incident with the ST reps or the Orioles being unhelpful, however I fear for dad it’s the last. And that really breaks my heart.
  7. Hi everyone, My father and I have had season tickets since ‘89 back at Memorial stadium. 29 games, go to as many as dads health allows. We are diehard fans, hence my daily reading here and occasional posts. I wanted to take a few minutes to write this up and share another disappointing customer service experience/PR for the Orioles to season ticket holders for 30+ years My father bought his grandkids, the dugout club starting in 2016. Obviously last year cancelled it, but we still got our backpacks and laniards for the kids. So this week he called to try to do a few t
  8. Thanks SG. Interesting to me that Means/Mancini are the ones most mentioned and little of Santander. I wonder if teams are finally catching on that he is a walking M*A*S*H unit. I'd absolutely trade Means to the Rays for Baz and Brujan. Don't think they would....but, worth the ask. I'd also entertain a trade to the Mets centered around J.T. Ginn. I think he's a TOR starter. He's recovering from surgery and we may be able to cash in and hope he rebounds well. If not a trade around Alexander Ramirez is a good start for me.
  9. Some people just don’t get it... Elias is saying and doing all the right things. At some point the prospects (players) have to produce or be replaced.
  10. It’s so great to see fans back here. Best day of the year!
  11. Good morning Birdland! The best day of the year!!!! Who all is going! I’ll be in my normal seats in section 330! Hope you all will be getting out today!! Come by and say hi to ol’ Yay Mike! let’s go o’s!!!!
  12. I think it’s somewhere between the color of friendship and the color of money
  13. I’m curious if something has clicked for him. Watching his last three starts, makes me almost excited to want to watch him pitch every fifth day. He seems to have a good idea how to approach hitters. Color me intrigued
  14. I'm in. Good luck all, and let's hope the Terps don't choke!
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