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  1. Bedard has to have a lot more value than Crawford right now... I am sure that Crawford would get a tremendous contract, but Bedard on the open market right now would be worth a mint. With the price people are paying for pitching right now, even 2 years of pitching would be worth more than Crawford. Though I think you have to factor in time under control and age. Though you could factor out the difference in age by saying that pitchers generally pitch at a plateau whereas batters peak. Even factoring that in, I have to give the edge to Bedard as having more value. The market sets the pric
  2. I would agree that the money will dry up somewhere, even Cameron is expected to get a 3/30 range deal. That will probably make guys like Rowand good deals, much the same way that the money dried up on catchers (Molina) a few years ago. But I don't know that Rowand is going to continue to perform how he has. I think the best course for CF is go after a big name, and if the money goes to high, to the point that it is a bad contract) then wait until the market bottoms out on a guy like Rowand or Cameron. I also think if Patterson rebounds that he is still #6 or 7 on the CF chart of FA's. T
  3. He is really the guy that intrigues me the most, especially because they are willing to give him up, but I still think that is too much. What was their asking price this summer? It has to be higher now right?
  4. Personally, I don't trade a pitcher (Starter) without Leo's blessing. We did the impossible. We kept Leo and got rid of Sammy P. I think despite what some might think, that there is little doubt as to the effectiveness of Leo. Leo has said he will stay BECAUSE of the young talent. So I don't trade that young talent unless I get his blessing, or risk losing him. IMO a few years of Leo as the pitching coach could right this organization back to the pitching it was once known for. Right now that means I don't trade Bedard, Cabrera, Guthrie, or any other young starter unless he thinks they
  5. All I can think is that Knott is still injured. Did he even get and AB up here. Also, with the front office giving a lot of time to Gibbons right now to increase his trade value I think Knott was an odd man out. At least for the time being.
  6. I think you are right SG in when you would trade Bedard in a 1 for 1. If you trade Tejada or Roberts for two solid hitting prospects, and maybe you get someone who might pan out from Mora, Millar, Trachsel, or other trades then maybe you are in position to trade Bedard straight up. Right now the Orioles are not in position to trade Bedard 1 for 1. Maybe down the road you will be in that position, but not now. I think this further emphasizes the need to wait on a Bedard trade. What happens if the team in a year has traded Tejada, Millar, and Trachsel and now has a LF and a SS of the furt
  7. I think trading Bedard in a one-for-one no matter who you are getting back is a dumb trade. I have stated that it is too early to trade Bedard, but if you did the Orioles better get 2-3 solid close prospects. The Orioles have way to many needs to trade in one-for-one trades, and way too few good trade commodities to do it. Now I realize someone is going to say what about Bedard for Vladdy...you wouldn't do that? I would say that 1) you wont get the type of major league talent you want and 2) if you do get offered an upton type prospect I still think you are putting too many eggs in one b
  8. I think Bedard stays at a high level and only has the potential with his K rate to break out even more. With two years remaining on his contract I think trading him now is foolhardy. We need to wait a year and here is why: 1. Gives him time to really break out to what we saw in ST. His trade value only goes up. At 28 there is definitely room for improvement. 2. Gives our prospects that we will need to compete more time to sort themselves out. There is no point in going after Salty if Rowell goes to 1st and Wieters signs. 3. We will know more about Bedard's intentions regarding an ext
  9. I grant you this. He is definitly a strikeout pitcher. But I do think if he had early leads he would be more efficient. I agree. The numbers show run support is there. However it also shows he is getting less than most of those pitchers. But the stats don't fit the theory. Your right. I can't agree with you more. Bedard is not a #1 an should not be put into that position. However I still will maintain that he gives 100% effort - something that has been questioned of him before. I think the key thing the Orioles need to learn to do is understand their players and do not overexte
  10. I think this is the exact reason we do not want him on our team. We didn't get Wil Cordero because of it, we shouldn't get Myers becuase of it.
  11. If you still think this then you did not read my entire post. I provided a reason for why Bedard is not economic with his pitches. He has a poor offense behind him so he has to pitch for SO's rather than contact. Some more statistics: Bedard: 6.19 runs per nine IP Santana: 5.05 Wang: 6.32 Halladay: 6.01 Rogers: 6.4 Verlander: 6.77 I was a little suprised to see Bedard got as much run support as he does. But I still think the theory holds. Only Santana and Halladay get more run support, but they are what I would call elite pitchers. I do not know that I would call anyone else her
  12. I have agree that pitching is changing, and that because of that CG are very rare. It is a good point. As for IP/start here are some stats: Bedard: 5.9 innings per start Santana: 6.8 Wang: 6.6 Halladay: 6.8 Rodgers: 6.1 Verlander: 6.2 I do not think that these statistics are dispostive of what you are trying to measure. Your are measuring essentially "Heart", or want to go out and finish the game. To do this I think you need to measure how many pitches a pitcher has pitched in pitcher per start. Bedard: 100 pitches per start Santana: 101.5 Wang: 92.7 Halladay: 95.3 Rodgers: 94
  13. Let me get this straight. Bedard pitches 7 innings, no runs, and 4 hits and people are still finding ways to bash him. Take this start for what it was, a dominating start. So what if he doesn't like reporters. So what if he doesn't go out for another inning. I do not get people sometimes. Mora is leading the team offensively and yet people bash every little thing he does. Bedard pitches well and yet I log on and look at the Hnagout and hes getting bashed. Positive thoughts, maybe just once?
  14. The market has set the price for tejada at two very good under 25 prospects - one SP and one postion player. Or a current elite player. TheRiot is good, but not that good
  15. I have had no problems with the effort/ production Roberts has been putting out there. It does not suprise me that he is doing this well. Now if the guys behind him would start driving him in once in awhile.
  16. BTW This is a great thread. Here are my contributions. "He's a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, d***less, hopeless, heartless, fat-a**, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped worm-headed sack of monkey sh** he is! Hallelujah! Holy ****! Where’s the Tylenol?" -OH thoughts on Sammy P (Christmas Vacation) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda
  17. Good trade then IMO. We get more depth in the draft, and this one looks deep. That is I believe 4 fourth rounders? We may be the best team at drafting day 2.
  18. McCauley might get down to us...Kiper had him as our first found pick at some point on his big board
  19. Sinorice Moss is a return man and was injured most of the year last year.
  20. So will we get McCauley in this round? or Trent Edwards?
  21. If they get Beck here I do not think they screwed up that much... Ginn will be dynamic for them. He was a stretch though
  22. I have to trust Newsome....he is the best. We will get what we need where we need it.
  23. We have to trade down now... It would perfect to trade down a few slots to the top of the 2nd, get a quality pick, and pick up John Beck
  24. SF trades up.. Staley Gone probably
  25. Beck is gone long before we pick. IMO he could end up being the best QB in this draft too. Staley is going to be there but I have to wonder with Ogden coming back whether that is still a priority this year. Its not a situation where you can just stick him at RT for a year, its a totally different position
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