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  1. Horrible trade for the pirates obviously but I follow them. At the time of the trade Glasnow had been in their rotation, and walked more guys than humanly possible. He had no control and wasn't going to add anything. Meadows at the time was basically Austin Hays, promise but continually injured. Whether he was going to make it long term was a real question. I suspect the Pirates were not a team that was using advanced technology grip substances. Glasnow left and got more control, then got injured when he couldn't use grip stuff. Cole left, went to the astros who we know were usin
  2. Larry Sheets still owes me a hitting a lesson at Sports warehouse in Cockeysville...
  3. That statement disregards that he started throwing his slider as his primary pitch in early 2020. Through 10 games he was throwing it above 33%, his regression started when he lowered it to about 25%. He was a different pitcher early last year it just didn't last like it has for Boyd or Corbin. Looking at fangraphs the slider has regressed and he has started throwing his fastball more, and is on pace to vastly eclipse his cutter and sinker usage from any previous season. Perhaps he thought he could regain his 2017 sinker (2.00 PV/100) and his cutter was actually good last year but has
  4. After seeing Vavra (and his bat control) in person earlier this year I did a deeper dive. I think he has a special level of bat control. He is a little more pull happy this year but his splits have always been near 33/33/33 (pull, center, push). Despite more pulls this year he has decreased his FB rate as well. I really think Vavra could eventually comp out to Adam Frazier.
  5. I'm fine if he is part of a deal for Mancini. He can't be the only part of the deal due mancini.
  6. Not really. The proposal is trading a good player and tradeable asset for a guy who hasn't really shown he can be a major leaguer. Straight up. With the same control. Not a good trade.
  7. Strongly Meh on this idea. What is the best case scenario of this trade? Arcia hits well and the Orioles can't afford him or won't pay him in two years.
  8. What I don't understand is why people are jumping to the conclusion that these pitchers who have less than 100 innings in MLB are worthless roster drudgery. You can't expect instant results and you can't take instant results as indicative of future success. I think Elias and Co need to prepare these pitchers better, but it will also take adjustments by the pitchers to get there. Those adjustments don't happen between big league starts. They are adjustments that occur over the off season or when they are sent down to work on something. The problem is you can't do the latter i
  9. People expecting prospects to come up and dominate from the outset need to adjust their expectations. It took Mullins parts of four years to get where he is. Pitchers can take awhile to figure it out (see Gausman, Rodon). Lucas Giolito had a 5.00+ ERA through 40 career starts. Thats also why you can't just turn on the light and compete.
  10. Good. Baseball fans should not be supporting owners who don't bother putting out a good product.
  11. 6 home runs, 7 runs. With a real lineup there should be more runs.
  12. Arguable to say if he doesn't make the all star team he would be the most egregious non-inclusion in the history of the all star game at this point.
  13. In MLB its a little over 44% of your schedule. In the NFL its 35% of your schedule. Add to that the schedule is balanced and teams play all the same opponents outside the three games placed on previous years finishes (something MLB should be doing). In the NBA its 20% of your schedule and the schedule is completely balanced. Baseball should be closer to the NFL in my mind. 44% is way too high especially because there is a lotnof arbitrary decisions. Sometimes its 19 games, sometimes one team has 2-3 more home games. Sometimes you play more games against another OoD team.
  14. Put me in the camp that likes interleague play. First because my wife is a pirates fan (pity points accepted for our household) and we get to go to some fun games. I think the unbalanced schedule is absolute trash. Its just another reason that shows MLB does not care about parity in the league. Either way, what the Orioles and Jays are about to do shows the absurdity of that system.
  15. Anecdotally we do. We have plenty of hitters who say "I don't care if pitchers use substances for grip so they don't hit me." So at least hitters believe that's a thing, unless pitchers just gaslit the hitters for the past 80 years.
  16. So this is not cut and dry because there are runners on requiring initially that the pitcher cover home and Franco hold the bag at third. On the hit, Mancini goes to the relay which is correct, galvis goes to second also correct, valaika loops to 1st (correct). Once Mancini gets the ball you get the rundown. On the rundown both Galvis and Valaika are in the right place. Franco should have been faster to second as the 2nd in the rundown line, and the pitcher (who no longer needs to cover home) should go to third (failure). The catcher should stay at home or potentially go to first f
  17. Do you know what he can do in the minors? He can catch Rodriguez, Baumann, and Hall. He can learn their skills and strengths. He can learn how they fail in a start or how they succeed. He can see first hand if a fastball if off and learn how to fix it for that particular pitcher. He can build a foundation for ushering these guys successfully into major league careers because he will get here first and they will have a harder time as pitchers making that jump. So yes, he can learn more in the minors. FWIW I also think there is value in those players learning to succeed togeth
  18. I will be glad when we don't have more posts that acknowledge this season doesn't matter but advocate that we should make holes in the roster and organization by releasing guys with track records of solid offensive production. Do you want to build with stronger defensive players? Of course. Does that have to be now? No. No team has 9 gold glove players. But you do need a team that has a solid lineup.
  19. Is it cheating if the interpreters of the rule ignored it? MLB and by extension the umpires were not interpreting sunscreen as a foreign substance and were not enforcing against it. Pine tar, only if egregiously used. In fact it should throw up a red flag to everyone that despite defining some 50 or so terms in the rules, MLB does not define foreign substance. Is it cheating in basketball if the refs don't interpret half the dribbles in the league to be a "carry". They are by a strict interpretation of the rule but they don't have a strict interpretation. Words, and by extension
  20. Trading a catcher to the pirates is probably not a good sign for your desire for Soriano to be DFAd. My opinion is you don't call up Adley until you have put some money into the MLB roster and set a foundation for success. There are a plethora of free agent shortstops available this off season. Bring in some leaders who know what being a competitive team is all about. Vavra isn't ready. He has a great bat, but he also has some holes in his game. If you DFA Harvey and Lowther isn't ready? Also don't expose young pitchers to whatever the hell MLB has decided to do with foreign sub
  21. Major league baseball needs to provide an approved substance right now. And not the rosin bag everyone knows doesn't work. Make all the teams use it and level the playing field.
  22. Ask the owners. Not wasting the talent we have coming will be about where the owners are willing to stretch payroll to and fill in gaps with quality major league players.
  23. Released seems a little strong at this point?
  24. The problem is you have to have space to develop players. Given the depth at single and double A I think its fair to expect the Orioles aren't trading Santander for 2-3 "maybe" prospects unless they feel they have space for those players to play every day. And yes, the asking price should be high right now, that is how you negotiate.
  25. I agree that I think we are done with the breadth of prospects trades. One more 1 for 4 trade and things start getting very tight in the low minors.
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