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  1. I think you have to switch him before Hernandez and Bergesen. Bergesen can't strike anyone out and Hernandez can't stop walking people. Erbe has progressed and I'm predicting a breakout season in Bowie where he will emerge as a top pitching prospect in this league. Based on his age and development he is definitely, IMO, our 4th best pitching prospect.
  2. OsandBohs11


    Thanks as always BB.
  3. I was goiong to say the same thing. Especially with how vicious this site can be. However he does not say the announcement is in our favor. It's almost like he's creating a legal loophole
  4. I think the press conference will get leaked to the media :-)
  5. I agree with the guy a few posts above. I feel bad for Tex if he signs with the Nats. If he really wants to take a couple million extra per year and play with one of the worst franchises and management teams in baseball, let him go. He'll be miserable for 10 years.
  6. Could this mean that he heard about the "Wow" offer Belkast was tallking about and decided it was too much? It kind of makes sense if 8/180 was not enough. If that was what the actual bid was.
  7. Looking forward to that. It's so weird that the word Orioles is actually on ESPN's website.
  8. Gary has no power anymore. The Terps are terrible and he is possibly one of the worst recruiters in the country. It pains me to say it but we haven't had a real NBA prosppect since Dixon and Blake left.
  9. I was listening. They said that they had heard from WBAL from an uncomfirmed source that he might have been there.
  10. What are the chance that we go after and try to sign Furcal if we get Teixeira.
  11. So to sum up, let me know if this is correct. ESPN said Tex would be at the game with Angelos, the Examiner reported the report, and then Roch shot down the report? Correct? Roch also says that Tex might go to the game if he's still in Baltimore. When was he in Baltimore in the firs place?
  12. Can you give us a general idea of what the wow offer is, or what the offer on the table is Belkast? How bout at least doing it if he signs elsewhere so we don't totally blame Angelos for not trying.
  13. I'm a big fan of Belkast and his optimism, and I'm still trying ot be optimistic. But if he ends up being wrong, I would like a prescription of those happy pills he must be taking.
  14. I didn't know that the Nationals were in the AL East
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