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    Jorge Julio and Daniel Cabrera could both touch triple digits.
  2. W-Y Chen, if you think you know Sarasota FL, it's time to see it in color! Does this effect his ability to put on the Playoff roster at all? I am a little hazy on those rules.
  3. Then: First joined the Hangout in 2007, but I was reading it a couple of years before then. I am not much into posting but enjoy reading about the O's daily. I was 15 when I found the hangout and had just moved to a new High School for my Junior and Senior year. I had never been to an Oriole game but my father who had grown up in Baltimore had taught to love them at a young age. I didn't have any way to watch them, so during summer nights when I was not playing ball myself I would go upstairs to the only place I could get signal in central PA with an old radio I found in my attic and would listen to WBAL to get my Orioles fix. Now: I am now 24 and just as much of an Oriole fan. I went to college and earned my Electrical Engineering Degree but decided I wasn't ready to start that life yet so I commissioned into the Marine Corps. I'm currently stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. I spent much of the last year in Europe, but am home now, finally, with my wife of 1 year. I'm currently enjoying life on the Beach when I am not training somewhere across this great country. I still prefer to listen to games during the summer evenings then watch.
  4. Betemit is the only Oriole not to score a run.
  5. Gamecast says injured leg. He seemed a little lame after one of his swings last at-bat.
  6. I gave a B-. We didn't add much, but looking at the FA market there wasn't much to add and we stayed away from bad contracts such as a multi-year Beltre deal. I didn't see moves for the sake of making moves.
  7. I feel you man. I am a 19 year old son of a Baltimore native and grew up in western NY. The O's will always be my team but some days it's hard.
  8. High and Inside: The Pitch of Champions by Leo Mazzone
  9. Johnson 1.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1.11 Johnson's night of ones.
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