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  1. Finally got my 13 Game plan!
  2. There is some murmurs this storm is actually getting stronger then projected. Looking over a few other weather related message boards it looks like sea temps are warmer giving this sucker a decent chance to regain strength.
  3. Coming into a thread saying what you said is really going to make a point. It makes you seem like a troll.
  4. How many refs does it take to get the time clock set correctly? Apparently an entire crew. :laughlol:
  5. Boss sold me his ravens tickets for the game tomorrow.
  6. Again that is not even a possibility this late in the season. Who do you replace cundiff with?
  7. Yea lets run ray rice into the ground. Overreact much? Plus it doesn't look like it was a fumble.
  8. The thing how is it a gift call back when the rule states a receiver must maintain possession of the ball through the catch. It was clear on one angle he lost possession/control of the ball. It is a crappy rule but it was called correctly.
  9. I agree with those that hate it. Just these type of events are very rare may happen only like a few times in your lifetime. Enjoy it because for an event like this to play out is like a mixture of perfect events to come together.
  10. Well it's all timing with this storm and that is the key...just remember one thing plays big here is how cool the artic high pressure will get the temperatures down to.
  11. Steve jobs was a brilliant man. Lets be honest here it's not like apple never stole right? Xerox anyone?
  12. I've been following this storm another board and some people exactly the media have been exaggerating the storm potential. As normal it looks like climate did this storm in.
  13. I guess the question goes. What HC wouldn't be good without a good QB. Would Dungy be good without Manning at the Helm. Would Belichick be as good without brady. The answer is likely no. I guess we have seen only the last decade is that the QB is probably one of the positions on a team that can drastically affect how a season will go for a team. Teams that Good to Elite Quarterbacks are usually in contention for the playoffs.
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