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  1. Buck was asleep again not pinch running for Hardy and Dickerson not sending Stubbs our pinch runner was dumb. You could see the ball thrown in from LF was off line enough Stubbs would have scored and we would have won the game. Fortunately we won in the 12th on Trumbo's HR.

    Anyone can sit here after the fact and say he should have sent him because the throw was offline, but he didn't know it was going to be off line before he threw it. And btw, had the crew in NY done their jobs, JJ would have been ruled safe.

  2. Dang Frobby, I am not even thinking about the division right now. The Yankees are right on our tails, and the Tigers aren't dead yet. Even SEA or HOU could still get hot. I feel good right now about getting one of the wild cards, but it's not a slam dunk at all. Lose this series and we might not make the playoffs! As you said on the other thread, this is going to be a crazy ride right down to the end.

    Focus on the division first because 7 of the next 11 are against the division leader.

  3. Ya know, everyone says how great it is to get 2 outta 3 but I refuse to do cartwheels over it. So what has changed because we took 2 outta 3 from the Yankees? Practically nothing has changed. We separated one game from the Yankees. Whoopty doo. What about the Detroit Tigers? They are coming fast and furious for that 2nd wildcard spot and guess what? We are STILL tied with them for it after winning 2 outta 3 from New York. So excuse me for not wringing my hands together in excitement. Now had the Oriole bats not been embarrassingly putrid today, then Baltimore would have separated THREE GAMES from the Yankees. Now THAT would be substantial. Plus Baltimore would have a 1 game lead on Detroit but whatever. 2 outta 3 flat out doesn't change a whole lot.

    You might have wanted to take a look at the standings before you went on your little rant. Birds are 3.5 up on the Yankees in the standings and 3 up in the loss column.

  4. How did he get cute? Giving Gausman extra rest or letting Gallardo and Tillman take their normal turn to pitch? Worley pitched sunday so he wasn't starting Thursday so Ubaldo had to pitch in Minn. against a team he's had success against. And btw, Gausmans last start in Toronto, 6.1 inn. 8h, 3r, 2er. Last nights loss had nothing to do with Ubaldo, nothing to do with Buck, and alot to do with Gausman pitching poorly.

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  5. Gausman's display tonight is the reason you play to win the tie game last night. Gausman never wins on the road.

    Right, cause we all knew he was going to stink tonight.:rolleyes:

  6. Plus no team that is in the race is going to trade us what we would need for him. Starting pitching.

    Sure let's just scrap having one of the best records in baseball and trade him to the Rangers for Profar and Gallo.

    If the Rangers did call and said the wanted Britton for Gallo and Profar, you do the deal, cause in the off season all you are going to get is Jemile Weeks and a PTBNL.

  7. 1st NYY series was on a weekday and they averaged about 17,200 per game. 2nd series was on a weekend and they averaged about 29,000 per game. Plus Boston has only been in town 1 time and that was a weekday series too. Ist game of that series was Memorial day and attendance was 43900, but dropped to 17600 the next night, but averaged 21k the final 2 games of that series, so that might have something to do with it too.

  8. I think some people don't like the fact that you have to pay a surcharge when buying tickets online. My son and I went 6/17, wife purchased 2 tickets at $48.50 each, plus, $12.50 surcharge for each ticket, $25 extra dollars to allow me to print my own ticket is a tad ridiculous. I also think people don't realize that there is no surcharge on walk up tickets and also no tax.

  9. Even if all this true, you cannot punch people in the face. I opened saying sometimes somebody may deserve a punch, but the bottom line is that is an assault. You just can't punch people, you can't.

    You can just before you think you are about to get hit. Bautista went after Odor with his left first, then brings his right arm back, looks like hes trying to make a fist to punch him but Odor was just a little to fast and got him first.

  10. Worley was up, I get it, but with an injured player, he could have brought in anyone else but Worley IMO. We have how many pitchers on the 25 man and we go with Worley with the game on the line?

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    Worley was pretty much the last man standing. Sanchez is a switch hitter and would have been hitting RH and you also have Abreu and Frazier behind him. I'm sure Buck didn't want Macfarland facing all RH hitters.

  11. If they were playing closer to the line I'm sure you would be belly aching because the opposing team was getting to many gap doubles. That being said, the reason they play so far off the line is that the doubles that are being hit down the line would be doubles anyway, so they protect the gap. Move them closer to the lines and they would be giving up doubles in the gaps and down the lines.

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